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I like the nice combination of different cultural references. German colours, Hawaiian and skater-dude pants, Panama and cowboy hats. Too bad we can't see if they're wearing white shoes.

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OMG, is she (in Mark's link) holding a Rick Steves book??! (it's yellow and blue and has an "S", which must stand for Steves, right?)

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No, it is supposed to symbolize a Langenscheidt dictionary.

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That is a totally spoof picture. A pic of REAL Germans would always include a guy wearing bull horns.

But enough about that...this pervert digging around in the monk latrines must be STOPPED!

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You have done us a great service. People who want to really blend in can use the photo in your link as guidance. LOL

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I don't know about white shoes, I've been in Europe since May 11th and haven't seen any yet. But last night my wife and I were at a sidwalk cafe in Sevilla and a guy walked by wearing gold tennis shoes with his business suit, and he was a local. So I don't see what's the big deal with white shoes! I kinda think the next guy that I saw in the purple suit should have been wearing the gold shoes, but my wife thinks that would have been over the top. Sheesh!