AMS to Croatia???

We are considering doing both Amsterdam and the Dalmatian Coast. We could start at the north or at the south. Or we could do two trips and call it good. (We fly standby). The question is, what is the most economic way to get from AMS to either MUC or to cities in Slovenia or Croatia - at the last minute? Train or fly? Or neither. We could go the the south first, and then book a flight for a couple weeks out once we know we made it to the south. I haven't seen any cheap flights for one way. Linda

Posted by Agnes
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Try pricing flight info into Split if you want to go south. It's mid-coast along the Adriatic. Dubrovnik will likely be too expensive. There is no train service between Split and Dubrovnik, but very good bus service (only the north Zagreb region is served by trains).

Posted by Harold
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For train schedules, use the Bahn website, following Rick's directions: For flight schedules, use Skyscanner: Remember that many flights to Dubrovnik are seasonal, and may not fly every day. And, as said above, many flights to Dubrovnik or Split go through Zagreb. Note that Split and Dubrovnik are on the Dalmation Coast, and Zagreb would not be too far from Split to start the trip. But from Slovenia the Dalmation Coast is not close, and Munich it's quite far. And yes, trains go from Zagreb to Split, but only buses (or a rental car) go past Split on the coast to Dubrovnik.

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Thanks, all. Lots to consider from experienced wisdom!

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I'd fly into Zagreb, and rent a car to Rovinj for a few days. Drive the car down to Split and dump it theretake the bus to Dubrovnik so you can sit back and enjoy the beautiful view.