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American gifts to take to Europe

I'm looking for ideas for gifts from the U.S. to take to Europe. I'm meeting some relatives (in Slovenia) for the first time and would like to take them something they would appreciate or perhaps couldn't get there. Any ideas ??

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Ralph Lauren polo shirts, if you know the sizes. My Swiss relatives go gaga over them here. Yes, they have them there, too, but very expensive, and here they are reasonably priced, especially at discount stores like TJMaxx and Marshall's.

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I also take things from my state; candies, baseball caps, t-shirts. clothes are tricky since you won't know sizes...I take Mexican food ingredients to my German friends and cook them a Mexican dinner when I go visit, they go crazy for that!

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When I go to visit my French host family this summer, I am bringing the new Monopoly "Here and Now" game for the grandkids (ages 8-22). It is an updated version of Monopoly with stadiums, the St. Louis Arch, the Empire State Bldg., etc. It's fun, tres American, tres Capitalist... :) I think they will find it amusing.

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While not "American" but "Canadian"...I like to take a can of "Tim Horton's" coffee. Or if they are Sports fan's, a ball cap of "Toronto Blue Jays" or "Toronto Maple Leafs". Caps rather than shirts as they are one size fits all. Or if I am checking a bag (RARE) a bottle of Canadian Maple Syrup or a small bottle of Canadian Niagara Ice wine. I pack it in a wooden wine box. Double size is best. I can then use it to bring home wine or olive oil etc. Or if not, trash the box as I can get them cheap at home. Not so cheap to buy while abroad.
I'm sure Americans have the equivilent. "Starbucks" Coffee, maybe? New York Yankees? If you are from New York!

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Thanks for all the great ideas so far !! Keep em' coming...I still have some time before we leave.

Thanks !!!

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Find something uniquely American. I travel to Italy each year and I used to take a local bottle of wine until the liquid restrictions came in. It was always really appreciated. Last trip I took some handmade glass dishes ine with platypus and one with penguins on them. Sounds horrid but they were really quite tasteful. My business contacts were thrilled with them, especially the one who had visited me and seen the penguins. A nice reminder of his visit. I have also taken mugs with native wild flowers on them. I think anything that they can look at later and will remind them of your visit will be appreciated.

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Shirlee, I have also been thinking about this. In August I will also be going to Slovenia to visit relatives. :) My parents went three years ago. We are from Washington so they brought a Christmas ornament made out of ash from when Mt. St. Helens erupted. Here we have a store called Made in Washington so I am thinking of looking there for things to bring. Maybe you have a store near you that specializes in local crafts or food items. Good luck!

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Shirlee, the Canadian flight attendant (above) is right. European friends do love to receive maple syrup. You can obtain very plain packaging and contents or very fancy. Either way, maple syrup is appreciated. We usually go for the fancy package and dark amber syrup. Fancy cost is well worth the small difference. By the way, many asians like to receive Spam (that's right, Hormel Spam)... All the best, P.

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When I recently visited friends in Spain, I took along some candy that was made in my city, Beer Nuts (also made in my city), and a book about Illinois that had beautiful pictures of all parts of the state. Another thing that was a big hit (as a "good luck" piece) was some Illinois quarters.

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There's DISNEY stuff you can get from your local disney store. Even though the UK and Paris has a Disney Store, their stuff is differnt than our stuff.

When selecting a gift, ask yourself if you would like to receive it (if the tables were turned).