alternative entrance into the Louvre

On January 7, 2013 in the conversation between Gail and Jarmine, Gail mentioned that she wished she had known about another entrance into the Louvre which would have avoided a long line...where is that alternative entrance?

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Leslie, when you go to Louvre , stand facing the Pyramid. Now, turn left and walk out of the courtyard through the arches.. you will be now on Rue du Rivoli at this point you are looking for the entrance to the Carosuel Shopping mall, it is under an awning, sort of a burgundy color, I think its to the left as you face the street. Go into Mall, you will go down some stairs/escalaters, then you will see some ticket machines, ( sort of look like freestanding ATMS, you can purchase tickets there, or..) proceed through mall, its one way you won't get lost really, then to your right there is a corridor that has a TABAC store, you can also purchase tickets and musuem passes there, OR, keep going straight, you will be in the flow you will know you are going the right way,, past Sephora etc,, you will arrive now at the courtyard of mall, there are machines there to purchase tickets, and then you go through security. I am really sucking at giving the proper details , I just am not good at this, but I have actually done this at least 8 or 9 times now( so you would think i was better at the details,lol ) and the first time I did it I had no idea, just read about this tip on another forum, and I managed to do it bymyself with almost no details, so figure you will cope ok too..
I have never waited more then 10 minutes to go through security this way, and getting the tickets was easy .

Posted by Sarah
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How long will you be in Paris? If you buy the Museum Pass, you can bypass the regular line into the pyramid. We were there in September with the pass and there was a passholder line of maybe 5 people.

Posted by Nicole P
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We did the shopping mall entrance...I didn't even realize about the above ground one. I had read about this 'hint' in I think a Frommers buy your tickets at the automated machine in the mall and use that line whatsoever...right in...we visited in mid-Sept...