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Airline Weight Restrictions - How strict are they ?

We're flying Miami to Heathrow and out of Paris on American Airlines. (We have Samsonsite hardside spinners wheeled luggage). I know the weight limit is 50# but I'm wondering how strict are they.

On another flight to the Carribean, our suitcase weight 55# and they didn't say anything.
So I was wondering your experience with AA if you are just slightly overweight.

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I think it a matter of luck and what agent you draw.
We were a few pounds over in Venice and paid $120
on a LOT flight, but the same suitcase was no problem
with a LOT flight from Warsaw to Prague.

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Just keep in mind that if you have the biggest's the last one off the plane..because they load it at the bottom....try to lighten it up a little and you'll probably be safer..and there may be one less hernia in the world...just kidding...but I would lighten it up and be sure and stress free...

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I've found that they tend to be pretty strict in the UK - usually you get 1 to 2 kg over and then it's a large fee per kilo over the limit. But in Switzerland I got away with 25kg and I've gotten away with up to 3kg over in the UK.
Based on experience, I would avoid going over the limit. It can be very expensive if you do have to pay and the heavier the bag, the more likely it is to get dinged when it's moved around.


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American airlines (not just AA) are not making money. As a result, they are becoming very strict with the "extra's". I would assume you will be charged. I see a LOT of folks at the airports each week frantically "repacking" to get thier luggage within the weight limits to avoid the fees. And the fees can be steep! (Plus do you really want to carry around a 50 lb piece of luggage?)

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The thing is if you pack well under the weight limit on your outbound flight you will have plenty of room for all the stuff you will inevitably buy on vacation ( souveniers etc. ). As a general rule of thumb use the motto Take half the clothes and twice the money you originally planned

Excess baggage charges are now seen as a serious source of revenue by many airlines.

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Peter Greenberg (does travel pieces on the Today Show) did a killer piece on discount European airlines gouging customers on weight fees.
Be careful, know what your airline's rules are, and don't overpack. Beyond the cost, it is so NOT WORTH IT to have that extra bottle of shampoo or shoes.