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Air Canada, I like you again !

Earlier this month I made a brief trip to the UK and booked an Air Canada flight only because it was the cheapest. I have for a long time been disenchanted with AC's in-flight service and the all round surliness of the cabin personnel and I always try to use BA, AF or AT to Europe. Since I have said many rude things on this board about Air Canada in the past, I now declare to you all, Air Canada to London from Montreal on March 13 was excellent. Good food, really good food, decent wine, I even got a cognac when I asked for it with no "tsk!" and no rolling of the eyes. (Maybe just a slight pursing of the lips?) So, Air Canada, I am your new best friend ..... don't blow it.

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Norma -

I'm glad to hear you now love AC. We will be flying them from Toronto - Rome and I was a little nervous after hearing all the Air Canada bashing. Thanks for the review!

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Really good to know Norma, thanks! Hope you enjoyed your time in the UK :)

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Glad to hear that you had such a great flight with Air Canada! I've flown with them to Europe for the last few years and found the service to be quite good. I always check the competing airlines, but AC consistently fits my schedule better than the others. The fact that they offer code share flights with other airlines (such as Lufthansa) really helps as it provides a greater choice of flights.

AC prices aren't always the cheapest, but they seem to be competitive with the others. I've now booked with AC again this year, even though the price was somewhat higher than I paid last year. The fact that I wanted open jaw flights to and from specific airports, and on specific dates was probably a factor in the higher prices.

Generally speaking, I've been pleased with their service and I believe they have one of the best safety records, so that's a good point too. Unless I can miraculously afford to fly business class at some point, flying coach is going to have some inherent discomfort regardless of which airline I use.


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We flew AC to Paris in February and were thrilled with it, considering our last two flights were with Zoom (cheap for sure but tiny seats). I really noticed the difference in comfort and services.

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I get a lot of weird looks when I say I love Air Canada, but I do. I left my passport (with my French student Visa) on the plane from Halifax to Montreal on route to Paris, but didn't know it at the time and was panicking thinking I was never going to make it to France, but the gate agents were so nice to me, they let me sit with them and were doing everything in their power to find it for me while keeping me calm. They were even willing to go through the trash on the airplane for me. Long story short they were able to find it and I was on my way, thanks to a 8 hour layover that in the end worked in my favor.

Also they have updated the majority of their cabins, and I love that they have in seat entertainment on most planes. I can happily sit for a long flight if I get to choose my movies. Overhead movies just don't cut it for me anymore.

I also think they have the best website of the North American airlines, it's pretty easy to find what your looking for, book flights etc.

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Good to know, Norma. I have not used AC since 1992 when we had a disastrous experience. I still seem to be able to get cheaper flights from Calgary, but maybe I should look more closely now.

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We flew Air Canada last year from Dublin to Toronto - I was very nervous about it based on what I had heard. It was a fantastic experience!

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I like Air Canada international but usually don't use them within Canada. I've had a couple issues with delayed luggage, but I figure that's the chance I take when I check bags anyway. And it probably wouldn't be better with any other airline.

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I had the most disgustingly rude check in agent.. and I was travelling business class. No more of my $$ for this airline.

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Have you actually had a "tsk" and rolling of the eyes before? I'm shocked, but just a bit. On our first experience with flying standby on international flights, we were so excited to have actually made it on the plane (we had gotten bumped the day before), that we decided we'd just drink whatever was expensive the whole way over. Drove the flight attendant nuts. Didn't care, though.

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I have had the rolling of the eyes on KLM in business class. After the cognac one FA was being chatted up by another passenger and seemed to have her own agenda. I marked it down to the lateness of the hour and the fact I was using miles to fly.