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Advice on itinerary required

I have a week in July and I plan on visiting London, Dublin, Zurich, Rome, Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam, London, and Tallin. I fly in and out of Rome. I am looking for suggestions on the best route to take, the best places to stay, and the best rural area in France or Italy to rent a village for a day. Also, I am allergic to fish.

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FastEddie, I can't advise you on which Eurail pass to buy, but I can recommend some filthy and dangerous hotels in unsafe and non-central locations in those cities.

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One week to see all that? You will be on a train 95% of the time. I would only spend your time in Italy (half in Rome and half in a smaller town like Montalcino, Montepulciano, etc )

I’m pretty sure you could squeeze a couple more cities in if you take night trains.

Make sure to wear shorts, white sneakers, baseball cap and a fanny pack at all times. All Europeans in all those cities will understand English, as long as you shout.

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Be sure to bring plenty of dollars as they are accepted everywhere. And pack as many clothes as you can into a large suitcase with at least 4 pairs of shoes. There will be plenty of helpful redcaps to handle your luggage.

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Any time you are tired, just sit down at an outdoor table, but don’t order any food. Restaurants will love you!

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You don't have to worry about learning any other language...they all speak 'American'.
Oh, wait....maybe you just need to spend a week in Florida - Epcot much easier and I bet you could rent a village....

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How can you go to Europe and not include Switzerland. And you didn't state your budget but I'm willing to bet it's under $50/day. The best route would be by slow trains so you get to see the scenery in a leisurely manner. I'm not sure I understand why you want to visit London twice?

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Rent a car to get around, and don't worry about tickets. They don't give speeding tickets in Europe, and they love Americans.

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Don't forget to bring lots of extra toothpaste, shampoo, and soap. These are hard to find in Europe and you don't want to run out!

I suggest you drive through the Chunnel on both visits to London. That way you'll experience its beauty four times. Plus, you can leave some laundry on the first visit (between Rome and Dublin) and pick it up on the second (between Amsterdam and Tallinn).

And with all the extra time you have, it would be a shame to miss St. Petersburg (right next to Talinn), Madrid (just outside Barcelona), Sicily (a short swim from Rome), and the ever-popular "do France" loop from Paris to Mont St Michel to the Loire (time for 4-5 chateaux) to the Dordogne to Carcassonne to Provence to Lyon to Burgundy to Champagne and back. You could save time by driving straight on to Amsterdam instead of circling back to Paris for the Thalys.

See this forum for many more time-saving tips!

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Why are you skipping Greece, Turkey, Egypt and Casablanca?

Do not order fish.

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Be sure to take time to meet with the locals, wherever you go. They are all ready and willing to befriend perfect strangers and all speak almost perfect English. Remember to take some gifts for the owners of B&Bs, and small inns. They all love getting picture books of your home town.

N.B. April Fool

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Book one room at the Vatican, the Pope's suite is my favorite, do the rest as day trips.

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How did I miss this one? What difference does it make if you are allergic to fish? There are NO fish products in beer or wine, 2 of the basic food groups. (the others are . . . . beer and wine - oh wait, Dublin . . . that's Guinness and whiskey to complete the foursome)

And put all your traveler's checks in your money belt - I've heard there are pickpockets in the pubs.