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Additional Rick Steves Tours Cancelled (Spain) and Rescheduling Period Extended

Putting this in the general forum since there may be more cancellations coming.

The Coronavirus FAQ for Rick Steves tour members webpage has been updated to include the following:

"As of March 11, Spain has closed all of its museums and national sites for a period of two weeks, and therefore we will also [in addition to the previously announced cancellations affecting tours to Italy] be cancelling our Spain tours that begin through March 27, 2020.

"Based on the new guidelines issued by the White House, we are reviewing our other tours for March and April and will be in direct contact with affected tour members in the coming days. We will have more information as the situation develops.

"If you are traveling on a Rick Steves tour with a start date through May 2020, and you are concerned about your travel, we can transfer you to a different 2020 tour or offer a credit for a 2021 tour. If you would like to transfer to another 2020 tour, please call Tour Sales and Service at 425-608-4217 to discuss your options. If you would like to cancel your tour and get a credit for 2021, please email us at and we will process your transfer within 15 business days. We thank you in advance for your patience as our staff deals with an unprecedented volume of inquiries."

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Given the WHO declared the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic (and RST recommends advice from the WHO), and given the US State Department has advised all US residents to reconsider international travel, RST should give their clients the option to cancel and a full refund. Some of us can not simply transfer to another tour this year or next. This is simply not "if you are concerned about your travel," this is based on EVERY single reliable health organization and health professional who would advise AGAINST international travel at this time, regardless of destination. The outbreak continues to grow and worsen every day. I will be asking for a cancellation and refund of my tour that begins March 28.

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Give them a little time to process the week’s news.

This is like 9-11 for anyone in the travel industry. Doubly so for a business dedicated to European travel. I’m sure things are in crisis mode right now, with big things changing rapidly, and they undoubtedly have their hands full just triaging and prioritizing the most critical things. Give them some time.

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I just received the same notification. My Greece tour was to begin 13 April.