A week in Europe in January.

I have a week in January that I will be in Europe and now do not have any plans. I will be by myself. I think I'd like to spend that time in the UK but am open to other suggestions, as long as they are relatively cheap and easy. Thanks!

Posted by Chani
Tel Aviv
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Relative to what? I alsways think London is one of the most expensive places to get a hotel. Easy? In what way? What sort of things to do like to see and do? Where are you starting from?

Posted by Jordan
Kansas City, MO, USA
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Sorry, I had a longer post, but I was unable to post it so I thought I would stick with something as short as possible. Since I made that post, I found out I was able to get a spot in a CERN tour on Jan 9, the day before I leave. So, I'll be staying in Dublin 12/28-12/31, London 1/1 - 1/5, Amsterdam 1/5-1/7, and Geneva 1/7-1/9. Any recommendations for things to do in and around those areas would be appreciated :D.

Posted by Gail
Downingtown, USA
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As previous poster, hard to give advice not knowing what you like to do, museums, etc. Highly recommend a tour book, generic one that covers Europe so you can see what is available and then come back with specific questions.

Posted by David
Florence, AL, USA
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After going to three dynamic places with great bar scenes, Switzerland may be a little boring--other than the mountains. I agree about getting a comprehensive travel book for tips.

Posted by Toni
Charlotte, NC, USA
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What attracts you to the UK? I love it myself- I appreciate the history, the geography, the people. I like the easy to use public transportation, the food, the ambiance. London is not cheap, but doesn't have to be prohibitively expensive. Scotland is beautiful and has my heart. But that's all me.
What do you enjoy and what is your budget? Give us a few details and we'll gladly share our opinions.

Posted by Chani
Tel Aviv
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Of your destinations, I've been to London and Amsterdam. London Some of the best museums in London are free (British, Victoria & Albert, Tate, National Gallery, etc.). London Walks has a slew of guided walks that all seem to be very good to excellent and aren't expensive. If you want to see a play, go to theatremonkey.com for all the information including discounted tickets. Amsterdam I think the best way to see the city is by renting a bike - makes you feel instantly like a native, though I'm not sure how nice that would be in January! Trains are frequent to other cities, so you could easily take day trips to The Hague, Delft, Rotterdam. . .

Posted by Keith
United Kingdom
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I'm not quite clear what day you travel between Dublin and London. But if you arrive in London on 31/12 then you could go and see the New Year's Eve fireworks. The fireworks are mainly set-off from and around the London Eye. It will be very busy on the other side of the river near Parliament (where you can also hear Big Ben chime in the New Year). All free. Even if not arriving until 1/1, you could see London's New Year's Day Parade - you need a ticket for the grandstands, but for most of the route you can just watch from the pavement for free. Apparently its the world's biggest parade "of its kind", whatever that means. http://www.london.gov.uk/nye