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A month long cruise and land trip...

So I'm just about to take a month long trip to England, Italy, France, Greece and Turkey and am just wondering a few things. First, anyone know what the weather is like during this time? I keep hearing things about rain, but am unsure as to how much to expect. Also, I keep seeing that people in Europe tend to be better dressed than Americans. Should I try dressing up more? And lastly, does anyone have any great travel tips on how to pack lightly, to-die-for travel clothes, or other advice on traveling for this long? Thanks!

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Italy, Greece and Turkey whould be warm, South of France the same, but Northern france might be colder and also I know in paris area might rain.
I can't help you with England. Also, you can do a Google search, just type the country's name and weather.You might get some info, I've done this for Bahamas.
It is correct that Europeans dressing better then Americans, so they might spot you as American, but I don't know if it would make any difference to them. I heard Euopeans try to pickpocket Americans more than anybody else.
Speaking of packing light: I bought some light tops from Columbia or Adidas, the quick dry type. I got different colors.They don't look dressy, but that's all I need. For your cruise, I would suggest to get dressier clothes, for the land I woudn't worry about so much.
Have fun!