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Paris museum pass vs. Paris pass

Has anyone used the Paris pass instead of the Paris museum pass? The Paris pass includes the museum pass but adds additional transportation or so they claim on their website

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Joe it would help if you could provide a bit more info, how long is visit, and what sort of sightseeing you want to do. Most people cannot get the money value out of the more expensive Paris Pass , the Museum pass however can be a good deal if you plan on using it at least 2 or more times a day.. it averages out cheaper the longer pass you get too. Those other passess seem to offer alot but usually people find they just don't have the time to do all the things offered so there is no value to them. Plus you can walk to many sites, plus there are several metro /bus tickets that can work out cheaper depending on a few factors.The Boat cruise is about 11 euros if purchased in advance online, and if you use the HOHO then whats the point of the metro tickets provided as you will not need them much for the two days of the hoho pass etc,, its a bit complicated, but as I said, if you tell us what your plan it more people can offer specific to you information.

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All passes require you to add up all the things you would actually use it for and compare it to what the pass will cost. I've personally bought a 6 day and a 4 day Paris Museum Pass on separate trips. I did not get the more expensive Paris Pass because I didn't see how it would pay for itself. We got around easily on the carnet passes and paid separately for the other things. However, my experience and actual usage isn't likely to be the same as yours. Add up the different elements and see what makes sense. I will say that visiting Versailles is a big part of having the Paris Museum Pass make financial sense. Longer trips are also help the justification. The line skipping came in handy at Versailles and at the Orsay. For the Louvre we showed up as it opened and didn't have any lines to deal with.