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CPAP machines

My husband have had not trouble flying domestically with our CPAP machines, but we have not traveled to Europe with them. How difficult is this?

Thanks in advance.

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My wife took hers to Italy in September and no problems. About the same procedure as here in the US. Her machine is dual voltage so we just needed the appropriate adapter for the plug in.

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Betty...No problem provided his machine is a dual voltage one. Must are but you need to be sure. If it is, some switch over to 220Volts automatically and some must be switched over manually. Other than that, you just need the correct adapter plug. If you are going to be staying in B&Bs, it is sometimes helpful to have an extension cord available.

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I took my CPAP to Europe last summer. No problems at all. I hand carried it in it's carrying case through security. In the US, the medical equipment is separate from the carry on allowance. At Heathrow, I had to explain it to the security, but they allowed it after a thorough x-ray.
using it in the apartments we rented was no problem. My CPAP was dual voltage. All I needed was the adapters.
Look up some of my older posts on CPAP and battery use on planes and trains.

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Few people actually use their CPAP on board the Aircraft. You're not really getting the full benefit of sleep anyway. My Sleep Lab Tech says you need to use it at least 4-5 hours consecutively to get any real benefit anyway. Almost noone can sleep on a plane anyway when you consider the activity around you.

Do a search in the upper right hand box and you will find this topic discussed in greater detail.

It may be a bit of a challenge to locate distilled water for your CPAP if you arrive during the early morning hours and want to sleep right away. It is helpful to ask the Reception (in advance at time of reservation) to have distilled water available for you at check-in. This is an added service that should be available to you at a three or four star hotel.
Don't forget, using tap water or even just boiled water can gum up your machine and that's the last thing you want to have happen when you're away from home.

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I have travelled to England yearly since 2003 with my CPAP and have never had trouble. I always carry a letter from my doctor explaining why i have it, always a carry-on item, but have never had to use it. Bring a conveter plug. Remember, as others have noted, in England it counts as one of your carry-on items.

I have never tried to use it on the plane.