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90/180 rolling day rule in Schengen and work permit

Hi there

I am from Japan. I hold Japanese nationality.
I am in trouble and wish for you to have the answer to my question below:

I am currently live in Malta holding work permit since 2019. Before gaining the permit, I had stayed here and other Schengen country for totally almost 90 days with tourist visa.

Now I need to visit Italy, but I realised that since I live in Malta, one of Schengen countries, this 90/180 rule won't be applied meaning that 180 days might have not reset and I have got only few days left to stay in Italy, which might lead to overstaying.

The last time I stayed in Schengen country with tourist visa was more than 1 year ago. Would you have any idea about if this 90 rolling day has reset or not in my case?

Tx in advance

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The 90 day rule applies to ordinary tourists not holding any visa. If you are in Malta on a work visa, you may stay to the end of the visa period + 90 extra days.

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Hi all,

Thank you for your reply.

I was not sure how my work permit works, but I have a better insight.

Thank you again!