Genoa, Italy

My husband and I are taking a Rick Steves tour that ends in Naples, Italy. We are thinking of flying from Naples to Genoa on our own and I was wondering if anyone has been to GEnoa and has any information good or bad to share as well as any suggestions of a good, safe place to stay.

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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Simone, There has been some discussion about Genova on this Helpline, but not a great deal as most folk avoid it due to other places relatively nearby with more to do. If you have a search of the archives - see the sticky at the top of the page - using Genoa or Genova as the search term - you should find them. You may get more interest from helpers in the "To The Boot" section of the Helpline which specifically deals with Italian questions. You posted to the "General" section which, to quote the Webmaster is mostly for "Weather, health & safety, food, books, best walking shoes, & more"

Posted by Kim
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We stayed there 3 days before boarding a cruise. We used it as a gateway to the Cinque Terra for a 1 day trip. And another day to explore a family village, the 3rd day we explored Genova. It is great to walk around and get lost in the lanes. Found no safety problems. We explored the aquarium, ate some great pastry & pizza. But it is a city that I wouldn't spend more than a full day. It is 90 minutes by train to the Cinque Terra.

Posted by Simone
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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Thanks to all of your for your replies. We are thinking of using Genoa as a stop-over so will likely only be there a couple of days. We have been to the Cinque Terra before and with our South of Italy tour with Rick Steves and two other previous visits to Italy we will have seen almost all Italy has to offer. This is the one place we have not been and thought it might be a final destination before heading home to Canada. I appreciate all your input. It gives us something to think about.