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6 hour layover in London, enough time to see anything?

We will be traveling back from Germany on a sunday in november and have a 6 hour layover in London. Does anyone know if this would be enogh time to go visit any sights of London and still get back to the airport in plenty of time so as not to miss our conncecting flight? And if so any suggestions on something great to go see?

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If your flying in/out of Heathrow. You have time for a quick visit to Windsor. The town with it's famous castle, borders the airport and is a short cab ride away. Tour the castle and if there is enough time, and can have fast lunch at one of the many pubs. Make sure you back at the terminals at least 90 minutes before your flight; assuming you will already have your boarding pass.

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Agree Windsor is about the only thing you'd have a chance to see. But, frankly, I wouldn't risk it. Too much could go wrong. Resign yourself to touring Heathrow. Consider buying a daypass into an airline lounge.

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Because you'd have to leave the airport, travel to Windsor and back, and go through security again (at Heathrow you never know how long that will take), I wouldn't risk it either. I'd agree with just spending the time looking around Heathrow.

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Hi Jodi, I would wait until you get to Heathrow before deciding on whether you want to leave the airport or not. Once you get off the plane if you have 6 hours, Windsor would be very doable. Head straight to the taxi stand, take a 15 minute taxi ride to Windsor. Spend 1 or 1 1/2 hours touring the castle, 1/2 hour having something to eat at The Horse & Groom Pub right across the street from Henry VIII gate which you exit the castle from. Then a 15 minute taxi ride back. That would get you back to the airport 3 hours before your flight. Very doable.
Have a great trip.

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thanks guys it is very good to get this information from others like you.