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early flight out of Milan

I have a 6 am flight out of it worth getting a hotel for the night, or should I just hang out at the airport? Any suggestions? Thanks

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It depends on when you would arrive at the airport in Milan. Is it a layover, or are you in Milan that whole day? I'm a fan of hanging out at the airport if you will arrive at the airport in the evening. You'll need to be at the airport by 4:00 AM or so anyway, so why go to the expense of a hotel (when you'll hardly use it) and could encounter problems getting back to the airport at 4 AM?

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We spent the previous day in Milan, so we sprung for the hotel, helped with final packing and a little rest. Couple tidbits, that early in the morning, the only practical way to the airport are the shuttle buses that leave from the main train station. Also, if you get the hotel room, make sure you ask if you can leave that early. May seem trivial, but a couple places we checked had no night clerk to let you out. Even the place we stayed was family run and the poor guy woke up in the early hours to let us out.

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I also have a very early flight when I return from Germany but I decided I would feel better having had a shower and doing my hair etc. to get ready for such a long flight home. It is a matter of personal choice I guess, to me it is worth a few extra bucks for the comfort of feeling good.