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Layover in Paris

Now my plans have changed and we have a 6 1/2 hour layover in Paris. Is that enough time to go see anything and what would be cool to see that would work with getting back to the airport in time. what are some of your favotie sights in Paris that might be close enough? I really appreciated the help I had recieved with the London layover. Anymore?

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How much time do you actually have between the time you get out of the airport terminal and the time you have to be back at the airport going through security again for your next flight, 6 1/2 hours or a lesser amount of time? Given the tight timing, being fairly precise about the amount of time you actually have to work with will enable you to make a realistic plan that will avoid having you miss your next flight.

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You can take the Air France shuttle bus from exit 2A. It's a 35 min ride to the ARC. Walk around, have lunch, and visit the ARC if you have time.

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Both your fastest and cheapest way to get to Paris and back to CDG would be to take the RER B. buy a one-day zone 1-6 Paris Visite pass at CDG for €17.05. It will get you to Paris and back to CDG plus cover any Metro, RER, or bus rides that you decide to take in the city. Be aware that the RER B line divides northeast of Paris. When your'e ready to return to CDG, be sure to get on a train that is going there. The ride from CDG to central Paris takes about 40 minutes.

Get off the train at either Chatelet Les Halles on the Rive Droite (Right Bank) or St-Michel Notre-Dame on the Rive Gauche (Left Bank) of the Seine. Go to to download and print a Metro/RER map for central Paris anda RER map that shows service to outlying zones, including CDG. Click on the British flag for English.

Or if your arrival cincide well withthe bus schedule, take a 20-minute bus ride to the medieval walled town of Senlis, just north of CDG. See the timetables here:

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Go for it! I doubt you need to be back at CDG three hours ahead of time.

The AF bus is a good, simple way to get to the Arc, but it ony runs every 30 minutes. If you just miss it, rather than waiting around, you could take the RER into the city as follows: RER B line from CDG, changing to RER A Saint-Germain-en-Laye at Chatelete - Les Halles. The Arc stop is called Charles Degaulle - Etoile.

See (click the British flag for English).

From there, if you have time after visiting the Arc, you can walk down the Champs Elysees, or to Place Trocodaro where there is the prettiest view of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Or you could take the metro there. Or pick another spot--Notre Dame? Rodin Museum?--and take the metro right there from the airport via the RER.

One suggestion: You don't have a ton of time, so arrive at the airport with a definite plan and maybe a rainy-day backup, with all your transportation connections researched in advance.

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I am going to say honestley no.

First of all the time listed on your ticket is usually the gate arrival, and the flight for departure is flight time not boarding time. I am sure you can imagine how long it takes to board and de-plane. (1 hr+ ea.) so now you have to wind your way through arrivals, immigration, and collect your luggage, then re check your luggage and find your gate.

To leave CDG requires FINDING the train station, or waiting for a bus, the trip takes about 45 minutes either way, and there could be a 30-40 minute wait between each trip. (I assuming you would be going into Centre ville).

Yes you do need to be at CDG 3 hrs if it is an international flight, the wait line is long, the security is long, checking your luggage is long.

If you have no luggage, and if you know the RER well, maybe for a up of coffee.

I have done Paris-US many times. If I woke up in my hotel w/6hrs till flight I would panic.

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Based on our recent experience at CDG I would say don't even consider it. We flew into CDG from Marsaille and had 2 hours until our flight back to the US. It took every second of it..and we had our luggage checked straight through to the states. First, you'll most likely land out on the tarmac some place and be bused to the terminal. Then you need to wait for your luggage to come out. It will take a minimum of 2 hours to check back in if you leave the airport. We encountered long lines just going between gates for the same terminal! Don't be surprised if you are bused around between gates to finally get to your terminal and then bused out to your plane. I wouldn't take a chance.

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Sorry Jodi...but i do agree with the 2 previous postings...there's no way to get into the city, see something and get back in time for check in, even if your baggage has been checked thru to final destination you'll have to go through security again. We allow the 3 hours now. A bit boring, but there is often an unpleasant surprise that makes us glad we did. Save the Paris adventure for another time.

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Nope, sorry, but I also have to agree there is really not enough time. However, airlines can be flexible about what constitutes a layover and you could possible take a flight the next day and get a little Paris time in. Don't forget to allow for jetlag confusion, and preplan everything you can on a tight connection. If money is tight, you can sleep at the airport (I'm too old for this) for free.
Have fun.