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Spain at Christmas

We plan to be in Spain Dec. 22/Jan 4th. We'll be arriving and departing Madrid and plan to rent a car and drive thru mid and southern Spain.
1. What might weather look like?
2. Are advanced hotel reservations necessary or will we be able to find something wnen we arrive in a new town?

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Hi Dan, My husband and I went to Barcelona a few years back during Christmas. It was really windy and temps were about 13-15 degrees celcius. We were ok with a fall jacket...but I guess it depends on what temps you're used to where you live at the time of travel. We're from Canada and our bodies were tempered for well below 0 degrees prior to travel. We also went to Rome that same trip with similar temperature, and the locals there were wearing fur coats and winter hats while roller blading -- we had a great laugh at the sight :) . I'm sure they thought we were crazy for dressing so light, but it felt almost tropical compared to what we came from.

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We were in southern spain, staying in Seville, for about 2 weeks last Christmas. The weather was very mild and most meals we ate outside without being excessively rugged up. From memory daytime temps were around 16 which is pretty good for mid winter!
Regarding reservations, depending on where you want to stay, I would advise it - we have stayed in Seville twice since Xmas (we now live in Spain) and there were more tourists Xmas than the other times. Other parts of Spain may be different however.