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Renting an Apartment in Paris

Has anyone rented an apartment in Paris before? I found some great sites and have been in contact with several owners, but when it comes to sending an additional check for the security deposit I start freaking out. I'm really nervous about this and what if they don't give your check back or accuse you of breaking something to keep it? I really want to have an apartment because it is a lot cheaper for a 7 night stay, but is it worth the trouble?

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It is definitely worth it. We had similar concerns but had no problems w, whose contact person (2004) was Thierry. Having an apartment saves you a great deal, allows you to cook meals after harvesting the great food available all around you in small stores (as well as supermarkets) and makes you feel different from hotel dwelling.
Owners can sometimes waive security deposits if you ask for a deposit from THEM, to be returned if they meet THEIR obligations. This will not always work, but we have requested deposits and had the deposit requirement waived.

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Hi Kate--We also used vacationinparis and had a great experience. They have an in-country contact who is an ex-pat American and helped us with the dishwasher and other questions. The apartment had a notebook with comprehensive instructions, including leaving 4 euro on the counter if we broke a wine glass, which we did. We had no problem getting our entire deposit back. The company is very professional, and the apartment we rented was very nice!

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We've used VBRO and worked directly the owner (we've booked with Pascal, who is highly recommended and has many properties in Paris).

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In February 2005 my sister and I rented the Rosiers Suite from It is in the Marais and we loved it. It is next door to a wonderful pastry shop, Sasha Finkelstein or something like that and across the street from a fabulous falafel place.

On the downside, it is in an old building and was noisy. It didn't bother me because I take Ambien when I travel but I think it bothered my sister. and I don't think it has air conditioning. Fortunately for us, that wasn't a problem in February!

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I've used ParisPerfect twice and never had a problem. They have English speaking staff meet you at the apartment and take you through how to make things work. I was originally worried about giving them a credit card but they are on the up and up. I'm planning to try vactionsinparis for my next trip and understand they are reliable as well.