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Pisa to Monterosso

Were traveling to C.T from Florence at the end of Sept. and we want to stop at Pisa. Which is the best way to continue our travel and make it to Monterosso, Cinque Terre? Do you have to make reservations? When/How often does the train run?

Thanks for all the helpful info!!!

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For timetables go to either (click on "Internat. Guests") or You have your choice of either regional trains or InterCity trains from Pisa to Monterosso. Regional trains are cheaper but slower. No reservations are possible. InterCity trains require reservations, but you can buy a ticket (which includes the reservation) up until shortly before departure.

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We did almost this same thing a couple of weeks ago, but we were coming from Rome. We had (and were glad we did) a reservation from Rome to Pisa, but not from Pisa to the C.T. I think we had planned to take a train at about 2:45, but got to the train station about 45 minutes early and there was one leaving then for La Spezia, so we hopped on and then tarnsferred to C.T. Not crowded at all (this was a Friday) so I can't imagine that you would need a reservation.