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Bari, Italy

Has anyone spent anytime in or around Bari? I've spoken to a lot of friends and family that have visited Italy, but have not heard anything about this area (and closest surrounding areas)... which is where I'll be for my first 2 weeks - so any info would be greatly appreciated!

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I took an Italian class last fall and Bari is where my teacher was from. Can't remember much of what she said, but I remember thinking what a neat place it must be. (Near the water I think, with lot's of seafood.) Wish I could help you more. Anyways, have a great trip and out of curiosity why did you chose that spot in Italy?

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Thanks for your reply Joanne!
I'm flying over with my best friend whose father lives in Milan, but he rented us a beach house for our first 2 weeks, I've just learned it is not actually in Bari, but near Foggia (sp?)... I was curious about the surrounding areas and points of interest for day trips, since we already had a place to stay. I definitely plan on seeing MUCH more of Italy and of Europe as I have 3 months to travel.

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I was on a Cruise last September that stopped in Bari for the day.

Bari has a interesting old city by the water with narrow lanes and is fun to explore.

Bari is also home to the St Nicholas church which is rather cool, my travel group called it Santa's Souther Retreat.

There is also a sairly cool fort in the city, worth a short visit.

Beware of the crazy moped drivers!