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ATM question

Do they use numbers or letters for pin access in Europe?

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ABSOLUTELY -- numbers only !!!!!

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They apparently like 4-digit numbers the best....and the first shouldn't be a zero.

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My PIN starts with a zero and I have had no problem using my ATM card in three countries. Perhaps it depends on the system.

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Not related,but make sure you call your bank and tell them that you will be using it abroad and where you are travelling. I have had mine freeze due to a security measure that looks out for "odd" purchases, and gets worried when they see it being used in France or Italy and my home address is WA.

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Absolutely notify your bank of the departure and return dates and the countries you will be visiting. My bank told me they would have put a freeze on my account had I not notified them.

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I have a four digit PIN and what I was told, and had to do on a couple occasions, is that if your PIN fails the first time, try tacking on two 0s at the end to make it six digits.

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I'm not sure about the zero's, but it has been mentioned to me that the PIN must be 4 digits only and that I needed to have mine changed before leaving... Has anyone else encountered this problem?

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Nancy, in addition to using a four-number PIN and notifying your Bank, you must have your funds in a Chequing account. Based on my experiences (and that of others that I know), European ATM's can not access Savings accounts.

Happy travels!

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Nancy, Ken is correct when he said that your ATM has to be connected to your checking account.