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4 weeks in Europe starting in Munich

We are a couple of seniors travelling to Europe (from Australia) for the first time. We visit the USA every few years to visit family but are going via Europe this time.
We fly into Munich on the 28th May and have a hotel booked until the 31st. We fly out of Rome on the 1st July.
We were really hoping to get to Tarifa, Spain to get the ferry to Tangier for a week exploring in Morocco then get to Italy to spend a couple of weeks before flying out.
There doesn't seem to be any way (with out limited finances) that we can get to Tarifa from Munich.
Can anyone offer any suggestions for us?
Thanks, Noeline

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Have you checked Iberian air or Vueling? Try another city like Vienna or Zurich?Sometimes I juggle around an itinerary so that I can fly via the most economical cities. Good Luck.

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Tangier is nothing, so move on to Fez, Marrakesh, Rabat and if possible down to Agadar (go out to the fort on the edge of the desert and pass the trees where the goats climb into to eat).

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That's the worst way to go to Morocco and about the only place in Morocco not worth spending time in. Look at the wiki page for other Moroccan airports to see the airlines and destinations. Plan from there. The best cities to visit are Fes and Marrakech. Rabat is nice, Casablanca not so much.

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I discovered last week that, with a VPN on your computer, a lot of European flight options show up on flight searches that won't normally show up searching from the US. For me it was getting from Dublin to Leeds cheaply and quickly. Probably the closest airport to Tarifa would be Gibraltar. I expect you can get a flight from there to Munich, or at least Frankfurt, at a decent cost. If not, try Sevilla, Granada, Jerez or Cadiz (probably across the bay from Cadiz) as other airports to fly out of.

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Thanks for the responses.

We have now decided to leave going to Morocco for another trip. It seems, in the time we have, that it would just be a huge junk of time spent in airports. Hopefully we will get to Spain and Morocco at a slightly cheaper time of year.
We are going to concentrate on Germany and Italy this trip and hope to spend some time in 'smaller' places. We also hope we can negotiate the Eurotrain system.
I appreciate the responses and I agree that Tangier is not the best place to go in Morocco. Casablanca doesn't interest me either. So, better to wait......