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?'s regarding ipod touches

Not an expert with kids have them. Is there a way to make them useful for our 2 week stint in Germany? Will they work over there and if they do.... are there some good apps to get such as maps or information for surrounding areas? and what about fees....can they nail you on those? Thank you much! Mark

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It could be very useful to have one. I have music and games on mine for inflight entertainment. When wifi is available you can access the internet. No fees, it's wifi. You can download Rick's podcasts... For free. The newer ones (mine is a few years old) has a camera. You can Skype from it. I make notes on mine for ideas of things to do and places to eat that have been recommended to me. I keep the iPod in my purse,and can refer to my notes when I am out and about. I have all my flight and lodging information stored on it. I just woke up, so my mind is blanking on specific apps.

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When we were in the EU last month with our grandson, he used an app called "facetime" to talk to his mom and dad whenever we had a wifi connection, and it was free, plus, the camera took super pictures that he could send back almost on a real time basis. He used it in the DJ, NL, UK, and Italy with no hassles.

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In a simple answer to your question...YES! I can't imagine traveling without one now that I have one. It seems to be the best travel tool since the airplane!

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We have an iPod Touch, 2nd generation that we take on our overseas trips. It is mainly used to send and recieve email since we don't feel it necessary to talk to the folks back home while we are away. You can access your home email account with it. We also use the translator and currency conversion apps. My wife has a few time-killing games but I don't bother with that. Anywhere there is a WiFi connection you can use the device to send and receive email. Most of the rest of the world is ahead of us in this respect. We found WiFi in the mountains of northern Luzon Island on our last trip. There are lots of apps that other people use but that's about all we use it for. Get a kid to show you how.

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Ditto everybody else! You can check out RS' Audio Europe app for yourself on your 'regular' computer, too. I've been listening to his interviews lately; very informative and entertaining. Plus, his 'walks' and 'museum/site tours' are on there. You can load maps, even RS' guidebooks! Much lighter than a bunch of bring most any other book you might want to read. Plus, the iTouch plays music ;-)

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Music, TV Shows, Movies, Games, Maps, Podcasts, Tons of Apps on any subject imaginable, books, audiobooks, audio tours. No fees unless you need to pay to connect to wifi but you would know the fee in advance, it's not something billed later.

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Yes, lots of good apps. In addition to those listed we used maps of the subway/metro systems in London and Paris. They had a feature in which you identified where you are and where you want to go and the iPod Touch spelled out which train, where to change trains if necessary, and so on. Without checking, I imagine similar apps would be available for cities in Germany. These apps were free to download and free to use!