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39 nights in Europe

Trip is bookmarked between Roland Garros (5.22) and Wimbledon (6.27)

5/20 DFW-CDG
4n Paris (first :3 days roland Garros)
4n Swiss alps (murren or gimmelwald)
5n Munich (dachau nuremberg)
3n Salzburg (Bgarden, eagles best, Hallstatt, Salzkamergut Lakes, Konigssee
3n g Partish. (Zugzipitize-Bavrian Alps- Fussen or Mittenwald as homebase?)
2n Rothernburg or DT from Wurzburg?? 1 hr train)
6n Berlin (Sachsenhausen June begins rain season)
4n Amsterdam or Haarlem??
5n? London ( first 2 days Wimbledon)
6/29 LHR-Austin, TX

This is 36 nights as written I have 3 nights to play with.
I’m struggling with Bavaria and austria part of trip. I’ve already been to Paris so that’s why I’m only going for the tennis event. Any assistance will be appreciated. I know each day I travel I lose at least half a day.

About me i like the being outdoors in Mother Nature natural non made man sights, WW2, and Cold War history so Germany has ALOT to offer for me. Currently in France but I intend to get RS Germany book I’m sure it will help me but I just have such limited time in between my trips (also moving when I get back to Texas oh fun)

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First off, I'm pleased to congratulate you for nailing the two s's in "Königssee"! Only a tiny fraction of us get that one right. The other place names... well, when you search for train itineraries, you'll need to nail those down too...

3n g Partish. (Zugzipitize-Bavrian Alps- Fussen or Mittenwald as

With the Zugspitze, Füssen and Mittenwald as destinations, Garmisch-Partenkirchen is your best base for public transport. The DB site will give you travel instructions to both places. From Salzburg, the Bayern Ticket will put you on a direct train to Munich, where you transfer to a direct G-P-bound train... a kinda long but simple trip.

Also, in G-P, you will receive the ZABT Guestcard from your hosts. Sweet deal.

About me i like the being outdoors in Mother Nature natural non made
man sights

(That hurt my head, but I got it anyway...)

Your stay in Salzburg might include a trip to the Eisriesenwelt, near Werfen.

The Externsteine, reportedly Mother Nature's Stonehenge, might make for an interesting way to break up your Berlin > Amsterdam train ride. I wish I could say I'd been there - but it's still on my bucket list.

Your 5 nights in Munich don't include much in the way of natural wonders. Maybe take a break from the city stuff on one day?

Head to the Danube?... Donaudurchbruch (nr. Kelheim) and Weltenburg Abbey. You could catch a cruise boat in both directions, or combine a one-way cruise with a bike ride along the river or a hike.

Altogether, it looks like a very nice time.

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Consider doing The Romantic Road in Southern Germany.

I would not recommend doing Nuremberg on a day trip from Munich.

Many interesting medieval walled towns and great cities (Augsburg and Wurzburg). You are already planning to visit Wurzburg and Rothenburg.

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I think I would add those days to Mürren, Austria, and Garmisch, since you want natural outdoor things. The rest of your trip is a blur of big cities.

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Congrats on..............being a Rafa fan!
We are tennis groupies of the highest level so if you have questions about attending two vastly different majors then feel free to PM. Do you already have tickets for Wimbledon?
Appreciate your itinerary with suggestion you include Garmish as a base or additional for several nights.
What is your mode of transport between destinations? We enjoyed staying in a zimmer outside of Salzburg as we rapidly tired of the tight overflowing tourist zone within Salzburg.
Gig 'em!

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I’m relying on public transport. I don’t like driving at home so I’m not gonna drive on vacation!!!

Yes I have my tickets for RG, not for Wimbledon though. I had to sign up for their email and they will let me know when it’s time to buy or if I have to wait in queue day of. Those are only 2 ways I know I can purchase a ticket.

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Unlikely to obtain tickets at this date, but we wish you luck! Queing is a unique British experience we enjoyed participating in during the 2018 event. We arrived at 3:30 a.m. and enjoyed a platinum experience due to the good nature of all involved. Tip: pack a small vinyl picnic cover to sit on to avoid damp grass.
The above link is just one web page describing the experience, there are many to choose form on Google.
Sadly we cannot attend Wimbledon this year and sure enough we were offered the opportunity to purchase two tickets for court one on June 30th. Cried turning them down, but just does not fit our travel schedule.
Have fun!

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^ thanks I read that article about the queue. It seems so British hahaha. I don’t understand why they don’t Just sell all their tickets online like the US open does. Well in either case I’ll explore London and maybe do some day trips if I don’t get in :) thank you.

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The essence of travel is to experience the locale cultural traits. I am happy the identities of the US Open and Wimbledon of so different. We greatly enjoyed the queue experience even with the 2 a.m. wake up and 3 a.m. arrival to join the line. A wonderful method to make new friends of your line mates and to learn some recommended places to visit sans a guidebook (or travel forum). We listened to the morning awake and folks stir then commence conversations and share munchies. A well organized and participant respectful event that is British, fun and part of the elements making this major so great. All this before you arrive on the grounds, which are another delight in themselves. I hope you do take the time to have the experience.
Good Luck!