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It's amazing what you can make up using the limited amenities in your standard hotel room!

What can/have you made up using your (sterilized) kettle/coffee maker/iron etc. Assuming you've brought along the basics mini can opener/bottle opener/tin cup/foil/mug/cutlery/seasoning etc in your kit.

Not that one always eats this way, I certanly don't. But it's convenient to have a few things on hand when you're in a hurry or in a pinch.

What do you like to bring from home to prepare later?
Any ideas?

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A great way to heat up food, if you have a coffeepot or tea kettle, is to put the food in a small Ziploc bag, forcing out as much air as possible. The quart-size bags that you now need to put your liquid carry-ons into work great. Heat up the water, then dunk the sealed Ziploc into the water for about 10 minutes. Haven't done any tests to see if thinner bags would melt. I've always used the sturdier "freezer" bags.

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I've tried to take advantage of the "Manager's social hour" some hotel offers. Usually they'll have finger foods and if there's a bagel, muffin or roll, I will take an extra and put in the ziplock bag for the next day for breakfast, and enjoy it with the free coffee/tea that's in my room.

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Don't laugh. And light packers don't cringe!

I take chips and hot salsa (me), and peanut butter and ritz (hubby). I also take a few packets of cup-of-soup. It is nice even in Italy, the middle of food heaven to have a bit of comfort food to quench a craving.

I have an imersable thing that will boil water in a cup -