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we are on a cruise from athens to rome stopovers in egypt, turkey Israel do we need visas? we hold new zealand passports can anyone help please Egypt is the biggest worry as we are on an overnight there and not with ships tours in the ships booklet they state visas are our concern help help help can get no sense out of travel agent she is giving conflicting information as we purchased the tickets in austrlaia where we live but passports are NZ

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For Israel, you will get a disembarkation card as you leave the ship, which covers you. NZ citizens would normally just get a visa as they enter Israel anyway.

You should ask NOT to get an Israeli stamp in your passport as you may have trouble getting into other Arab countries if you do.

Egypt requires a visa and at least 6 months left on your passport. Search online for the closest consulate to where you live now.

You also will need a visa for Turkey, and should apply at the closest consulate.

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This is not a good place to get answer to your question. The need for visa is often related to the relationship between your country and the visiting country. The comment about the Turkey visa may be in error. We were in Turkey this past June from a cruise ship and did not need a visa as an American. It is my understanding that an Am passport holder can buy a Turkey visa for $20 at an airport on arrival. Don't know if that is the same for NZ passport holder. Only the visiting country can tell what is required for NZ residents.

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Thanks for all the good advice Egypt was our biggest worry as I contacted the embassy and they insisted I needed a visa @$79AUD and contacted the princess line told if we were using private tour company and not the ships tours then we had to organise our own visas but contacted Temo Tours with whom we are booked for overnighter and they will arrange visa stamps @ $15 usd and if we dont need them or are not asked for them we will not be charged cant be fairer than that They (temo tours) have been so helpful really looking forward to travelling with them thank you both again for your replies joy

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The information comes from the official tourist websites of each country. Sometimes visas can be obtained on entry, but it's always best to contact the consulate because it's far better to spend a bit of time on line at home than to have a visa hassle whilst you are on vacation. Visa rules also change, especially with increased security.