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electrical adapter

Sorry if this is super specific. I'm looking to buy an electrical adapter kit (no converter needed) from an actual store instead of online in the Los Angeles area. Any ideas? Can't seem to find it at Target or Best Buy and Walmart/Frys etc are pretty far away. Where should I be looking for them? Electronic stores? Travel stores?


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Try an REI. You also might do the mail order thing from Magellan's. Also Rick sells them. Good luck.

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Are you sure you're checking the luggage section at Target? Ours always has them. Or try a luggage store, or a Radio Shack.

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Any luggage store, Radio Shack, travel store, AAA, Rand McNally stores and even some travel agents.

I used to live in L.A. and if you want to PM with the area you live in, I might be able to give you specifics.

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I have a AAA right next to my Target. I'll try them out this weekend.

Thanks for all the hints.

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I saw them at WalMart......and our local hardware stations.