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My husband and I and our teenage daughter want to travel to Europe next summer for a little over 4 weeks. Does anyone know where it is cheapest to fly into and out of? We are closest to Chicago or Detroit airlines but could fly out of NY or even Toronto. What airlines is the best?

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It really depends on where you are going and when.

Generally, you are best flying to the airport nearest your destination because additional transport costs often add up to as much/more than the cost of a direct flight. Also the fewer airports, the less the chance of luggage not making a connection. In addition, if you fly through or from a UK airport, you have to factor in the strict 1 bag limit.

There are plenty of flights from Chicago and Detroit, so why not look for flights out of there to your intended destination. You can compare costs via Orbitz or Expedia, though prices probably aren't available for next summer as the airlines need to get a better handle on taxes, security costs, exchange rates and fuel costs before deciding on prices.

Airlines - I have had good experiences with SAS, Continental, NWA and American Airlines. Travelling to the UK, you might be better off going through Scotland or Manchester if your plans include things outside London, as Heathrow is a mess.

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Pam, a qualified Travel Consultant can point you in the right direction. They are experts and can provide the human touch that online booking sites cannot.

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Beware very early AM departures and late PM arrivals. Use direct flights if possible, though sometimes a change can benefit you. Don't focus totally on cost. Often those come with inconveniences. Any airline has good and bad days. Our Delta was good, my friend's American was BAD, all in the past month or two. Remember, Toronto is another foreign country with another customs stop, though it is well organized.