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30 day itinerary....time for Berlin???

we are leaving for a 30 day trip to Europe. We will be traveling by train. Our gateway is Brussels. We have 3 nights scheduled for Bruges, 3 nights for Amsterdam, and the rest is open. We have already been to france, Italy, Spain and Germany sevral times, so we are thinking a loop to Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Vienna, Salzburg and back to Brussels. But we don't know if there is time for all that. Is it worth it to try to get to Berlin? budapest? If we had to eliminate one, which one? Maybe we should rethink this and somehow add Denmark? We are leaving next week, and like having lots of flexability. I am interested in any comments and/or travel suggestions. thanks...

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Personally, for me, 3 nights in Brugge would be about 2 nights too many. Lovely little town, but I would rather spend that time in Berlin. Others will wish they had a week there, so it is personal as to what interests you and what doesn't. Berlin is quite large and has so much to see and do, that for me, at least 5 days should be spent there. I wouldn't add Denmark in at this stage of your planning. You are already quite busy with what you already have scheduled.

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I like Berlin and would say it is worth it. Budapest, too. If I had to eliminate one I'd skip Budapest. The thing is, this is all a matter of personal opinion. Also, near or between all those cities you named are other wonderful places to visit, possibly as day trips.
Have fun.

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If I had 30 days to do A'Dam, Bruges, Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Vienna, Salzburg, Brussels. I would. And I would totally stay multiple nights in Bruges. I plan on staying 5 nights there this November, if my travel plans go as planned. I would recommend the following: 3 days A'Dam 3 days Bruges 3 days Berlin 3-4 days Prague 3-4 days Budapest 3 days Vienna 2 days Salzburg 2-3 days Brussels And you still have some time to hit other cities.
I have been to all of the above cities, expcept for Salzburg. I did Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Rothenburg in 15 nights in 2009.

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thanks for all the good info....we are still undecided and keeping it flexible...... Ola

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Don't miss out on Berlin. It's really dynamic city and it has lots of things to see and do. I spent 5 days there and didn't exhaust the sites to visit. Pam

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I don't know about Bruges, but we spent only one day in Brussels and that was enough to see everything. A lot of people at our hostel went to Bruges for a day trip (though I have not been there myself and cannot comment on it specifically). DEFINITELY go to Berlin! We spent 4 nights there and could've used more time for sure. It's a huge city with an overwhelming amout of history to process in such a short time, not to mention that it's constantly changing. I also highly recommend Budapest and Prague -- beautiful cities, laid-back and friendly people, and the best food of our whole trip.