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3 oz. bottles and their contents

Okay, I'm still confused. Is it okay (as in 'legal') to pour your own shampoo, etc. into an unmarked 3 oz. container, and then label it yourself, OR, do you have to find a 3 oz. bottle of whatever, that would have the original lable on it? (I understand that any meds must have the orig. labels on them.)
By the time I get this all figured out, I will be too old to travel...

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The bottles don't have to be labeled. However, from what I've heard, if the bottles aren't labeled, there's no proof of the size and so the security folks could refuse them if they want. Guess it's all up to the whim of the security person who happens to handle your bag...sigh.

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If you are travelling to anywhere civilized, why go through the hassle of wondering whether your 3 oz. generic shampoo container will be confiscated? Buy shampoo over there, or use what is supplied by your hotel the first night.
It is true everything has to fit into the 1 qt. baggie, but if all you had in it was 1 6 oz liquid item I guess the inspectors could toss it out. Only bring medications you need and toiletries you absolutely cannot live without for a day.

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I've just come back from a trip to Europe and one to Taiwan and there is so much inconsistency with this whole issue. I came through Hong Kong on both occassions and this was the most strict. A lady in front of me had hand lotion in a 125ml bottle and although it was almost empty, they took it as the bottle held over 100ml. I had some jam bought at Rome airport and was sealed in a bag with the receipt which I was assured was OK and they were going to confiscate it until I kicked up a stink and the supervisor got involved. On my next trip I'm not taking any liquids in my hand luggage - way too stressful. I agree with other comments buy when you get there or put in your luggage.

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Try looking at the stores like WalMart and Target. I know this means buying more bottles, but now the manufacturers have come out with small, clear containers that have "3 ounces" preprinted on them. Some even sell packs of these containers specifically because of the new rules.

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This past weekend I purchased 3-ounce bottles in the travel-size section (health and beauty aids section) at Wal-Mart for 50 cents each. They have "3 Ounces" embossed on them and have flip tops. I've been looking for good bottles at Target for awhile, but every Target store I go to regularly has been sold out for months.

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We all likely agree on the ridiculousness of this 1 quart bag & 3oz container / 1 litre bag & 100ml container rules.

As long as you have one bag and it's not bulging then you should be fine. Some of the stuff I've put in the bag has been in 4oz and 6oz containers. Shocking, I know. One bag with two 4oz containers - I should be imprisoned. I've not once had any US or EU security check stop me about my bag o' liquids in about 20 flights since the rule went into effect. I've even taken a half dozen red glowsticks to Honolulu for the U2 concert last December. So I doubt there's any issue with using your own small containers.

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have just returned from two domestic flights in the last 10 days---had a "bulging" 1 qt ziplock and had no trouble in Spokane, Wa; Reno, or Phoenix

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When we had this rule and the Europeans didn't, I came off an Air France flight at JFK. The French family behind us had checked their luggage and she had her cosmetics case. They had no idea of the stupid rule. TSA tried to take her perfume. All the ladies in line were outraged at the TSA agent and made him give back the $200 bottle of perfume. She carried it on.
There has to be some common sense with this.

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My experience has been that the TSA agents don't like to have to think. Lables on bottles make thier life easier so I give them "lables" (Not that the lable has anything to do with what's in the bottle!)

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Carol, I agree that the whole thing is frustrating and a bit silly. But actually the reason why the 3oz rule is in effect is not because the liquids by themselves are dangerous but because they have figured that you need more than 3oz particular liquids that - when MIXED - would be dangerous. Of course, you could carry on an empty water bottle and as many full 3oz containers fit in a quart baggie (lots) to give what I imagine is enough to cause a problem...but hopefully no one dangerous dares to try that!!!!!