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Traveling in Turkey

My wife and I are thinking about traveling to Turkey. Is it safe to travel there? Would it be safer to travel in a tour group?

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I would go on a tour if I were you, I was on the wait list for one of the Europe Through the Back Door trips, 12 days in Turkey, very reasonable cost. I decided to go to Italy (not with a tour) instead, but for a country that is a little more challenging to get around in like Turkey, I would do a tour.

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Albert,Turkey is as safe as anywhere in Europe. Pickpocketing, while not unheard of, is much less common than in most other European tourist destinations. Violent crime is rare, and terrorist activity is no more likely than elsewhere in Europe. So I don't think safety should be an issue. The question is, how experienced are you as international travelers? Turkey is a bit more challenging than say, France or Italy. English is not as widely spoken. But it is a beautiful country with amazing ruins, breathtaking scenery, and great food.

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It depends on how comfortable you are on your own. My husband swears on doing things himself, while my parents swears on tours.

They did the Turkey/Greece tour and cruise last month and loved it. Since they are retired, they aren't as fast on their feet, so a tour was perfect for them. They got to do land excursions on their own if they wanted, or, got assistance from the tour if they wanted. To them it was a win-win.