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Living in Europe

I am considering moving to Europe. Any help as to banking, living there etc. Where do most Americans live.

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Have you made up your mind as to which country you'd like to move to? "Europe" is as precise as "America" which could be anywhere from Alaska to Argentina.

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Do you have the legal right to live in Europe? If not you might find it difficult. If you don't want or need to work you may find it easier. Do you speak another language - if so that may guide you. Europe is a big place with many diverse people and cultures, scenery, weather etc - assuming you have spent time travelling in Europe perhaps you could narrow the choice down a bit. I don't know that too many Americans live in Europe but am not American. There are any number of expat sites and forums which you could look into. We moved to Spain but are not working there and are not allowed to work there. Spain was easier to get a long term visa than Italy or France. Also wonderful people and climate.