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walkie talkies

Can walkie-talkies be used in central Europe (Czech Rep., Poland, Austria, Hungary...)? Is there some permission needed?

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I would not bring them - not sure if they are legal, but they may well not work (different frequencies) or they may work on a restricted (i.e. emergency services or police) frequency, which could get you into trouble.

It might be wiser to invest in cheap mobiles which an be used with a local or regional SIM card.


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We took them and they worked perfectly. They were the $50 model with a 10 mile range. Although the range is far from 10 miles. It allowed us to go our separate ways in the various city squares. The wife would go shopping and I would go on a pub crawl.

It's a great idea.

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I think the question was whether they can be used in Europe, whether they're legal or not....not whether they actually work over there. If course they will work....but they're illegal because the frequencies used here are allotted for other purposes, including some emergency services in Britain. I'm sure you wouldn't want a foreign visitor interrupting an ambulance call or an aircraft landing in the U.S. with a radio message about the next pub they were planning to visit.