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We are traveling on a ship and one of the ports is Istanbul, Turkey. Do we need to get a Visa and how do we get it? We are traveling Oct 1st so time is of the essence.

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Are you traveling on a cruise line? If you needed a visa for Turkey, I would think the cruise line would have informed you by now.

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Yes, you will need a visa, but you can buy it right there on entry into Turkey. The cost is 20 dollars in US currency. As I recall, they take only hard currency in euros, dollars, and pounds, so don't forget to tote some along.

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All US citizens need a visa for Turkey. I traveled on a Trinidad and Tobago passport to Istanbul and did not need one. My friend with a US passport needed one but it was easily obtained at the airport for a small fee.You should talk with your cruise company and see if they have made arrangements at the docks for you to obtain one.Sometimes that happens. If not you may have to get it here before you leave. I am sure its not a problem.

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I think the cruise ship will handle it. We were on s cruise ship last year in Turkey and just walked off the ship. No fees. My understanding is that a visa is required if you plan to stay overnight in Turkey.