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2016 European Tours

Hi everyone:

Does anyone know when the 2016 tours will be posted and ready for bookings?


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There was a Thread here on the Forum not to long ago about that subject. I'd have to search to find it, but I believe the tours for next year will start appearing at about the end of August.

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You should send the Travel Desk at the RS Headquarters your question since they would have the most accurate information.

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Kim, I too am awaiting the dates for 2016. As others stated, you can usually depend on early Sept at the latest. Another thing you can do is look at current posted dates and you can pretty well back into the 2016 dates. Just look at the month you are interested in and the dates for this years tours. Then use the 2016 calendar and use the same day of the week start dates that were used this year. The dates will vary by about two days but the day of the week the tour starts usually does not change. I have used this method several times and it worked each time and dates were right on with the later posted tour dates. If you are looking for a tour date from March thru May, you will have to use the book they sent out showing 2015 dates as they are already off the tour date site.

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Expect the dates to be released in mid to late August. The dates will appear first on our website. The catalog always follows about a month later.