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2013 Best of Europe Guidebook missing Prague

Just received my 2013 Best of Europe guide book and was disappointed that Prague is missing from its pages, even though the description on this website says it's there. I need Prague for an upcoming trip, so would my 2010 book be sufficient, or would it be best to get an d version. I'm a bit hesitant because I've already ordered three of the guides and would like to avoid enlarging my library.

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Warren, There are a couple of options you could consider. (1) Use the information from your 2010 Guidebook, along with information from the "Guidebooks Uppdate" section and other sources on the internet. It's not likely that much has changed in Prague since the 2010 edition was published, although prices will of course be higher. (2) Buy one of the "Snapshot" or "Pocket Guide" editions, rather than a full Guidebook. I purchased an E-Book version of the Prague section for my visit there last year in Kindle format, and that worked well. That way you won't have to pay for a lot of additional material that's not relevant to your trip this year. Happy travels!

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You'll find that the Castle, Charles' bridge, the town square, and Wenceslaus Square are all exactly where the 2010 book said they are. As for accommodations, I have never before used Rick's book for recommendations, but I was having difficulty finding places I trusted on the Prague website, so I used Rick's advice and stayed at Guesthouse Lida. I would strongly recommend it. Jan loves his city and will spend all the time you want telling you what to see and how to get there. As Ralph says, avoid the ripoff, particularly on Castle Hill. I had lunch there and they put a basket of bread on my table without my asking. I knew that trick so I didn't touch it. They still charged my for it (about 25 Kc as I remember), saying that it was on my table. So if they try to put something on your table you didn't order, tell them where to stick it. I don't feel too bad about what I got and what I paid, because I did get free Wifi while I ate, but the dishonesty really irks me.

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thanks for the info. I had forgotten about the update section. I didn't think there was a snapshot book for Prague. I will look. And I'm so relieved that they didn't move the bridge :)