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2009 Travel (What To Expect) ?????

Only a few days left in 08 and sure glad to see this year end. Not many good things happened for me this year.
Now that 09 is near, what do many of you that travel to Europe on a regular basis expect? Are you going or not going? I have booked for an 09 fall R/S tour and plan to go if at all possible. Still out of a job but working on other ways to pay for it.
I have not seen much drop in airfares yet but also have that taken care of.

Just wanted some input from others on what you think we have to look forward to in 09. I know right now is a slow time for travel overseas but many of you start planning vacations now. I did cancel an 08 trip due to the dollar value. Probably should have gone but at least I still have Sept 09 to look forward to.

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I have booked a trip with RS for September 2009. There are five of us in our group. I'm on Kayak's daily update for flights to Dublin. The rates probably won't decrease until late March. Since there are five of us, we may turn it over to a travel agent. I'm already planning my trip.

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TC, whilst I am going ahead with my trip to Italy in April(airfare and the first two weeks' accommodation paid for) I feel more that a bit depressed when checking prices for the remainder of my trip. Our exchange rate is currently AU$1 equaling 49 Euro cents. Unfortunately I can't postpone for a variety of reasons, but it sure takes the gloss off what is usually a fun excercise in planning. A budget traveller at the best of times,sleeping under a lemon tree in Sicily is looking good! Keep the positive outlook, and best of luck in your job search.

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I have been watching airfares everyday for the past 3 months, and they haven't dropped. I finally gave up and booked my flight to Munich yesterday for one month for my first solo European trip (been twice before). I am working overtime like crazy to pay for the highter cost of our poor dollar and am preparing myself to sleep in large dorm rooms in hostels. But I will do anything to backpack around Europe!

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I'm probably going twice in 2009, both times to visit family in Belgium, plus some side trips. Impossible to predict where airline prices will be in a few months (although I've seen some bargains), so I'm just scheduling my trips when I have time.

Also hard to predict where the dollar will be... but that's nothing new!

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Hopefully your job prospects will improve, now that 2009 is here. It's great that you have "other ways" to help pay for your RS Tour (which tour are you going on?).

As far as what to expect, I think it's still a bit early to say. A lot of the "experts" are predicting that the economoy probably won't start to recover until at least the end of the second quarter of 2009. I guess we'll see how accurate those predictions are? In your case, perhaps there will be some revelations after January 20th?

I'm still planning to take at least one trip to Europe (which of course will include a RS Tour), but I'm not sure at this point exactly where I'll be going? Our dollar has decreased a lot in the last few months, so that's definitely a concern (some financial types feel this will recover to some extent in 2009, but again we'll see how that pans out).

Based on everything I've seen so far, I suspect oil prices will stay low for at least the next few months, so that should have some bearing on airline fuel surcharges. The "trick" will be to recognize when an increase is coming, and lock-in flight details at that time.

Good luck!

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If I were to make a prediction it would be that there will be some good travel bargains out there this year. A lot of places struggled last year, and I think they will be offering specials to draw people in. I think having some flexibility will help. Of course, the family owned places that so many of us enjoy will probably not be able to drop prices and stay open. But these places have been reasonable to begin with. Because I stay in these type of places, I don't see my budget changing all that much. As far as air fares: I don't think they will drop a lot. There may be a few more fare "sales" this year, but the airlines need to start making a profit. With all the consolidating and discontinuing of flights, I don't think things will change all that much. Of course this is just my "prediction".

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I went shopping for plane fares yesterday and was able to buy a ticket R/T San Francisco to London, late March to late April, for just under $600. From United. The great unknown now is what will the $USD be worth in April. I'm planning to spend most of my time in Paris. Paris prices in Euros seem little changed from last year, in fact, apartment rentals appear to be a little lower. Some of them are quoted in $USD, which makes planning and paying a little simpler.

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Ken, I booked the Germany, Austria, Switzerland tour that starts 9/13. I wanted a fall trip where the crowds are not so bad. I am also going to Normandy for 4 days prior to the tour start. Thanks to all the info on this site, I found a great B&B, and hope to use Battlebus tours. I tried to book with Battlebus but they won't book one person for a tour. I have to wait until somebody else books and then hope to find a spot which I thought was a funny way to do business.
I watch to see how many of the R/S tours are booked fully and are filling fast. Have not seen a lot of full tours yet but most don't plan vacations until now and the next month or so.
I am really looking forward to my tour as we will be in the Munich area for the start of Oktoberfest. Only my tour and the one after it get that perk.