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2 weeks in Europe - Oct 13 to Oct 29, 2023

Hi Everyone,

We are considering 2 weeks in europe mid Oct, somewhere warm (atleast slightly). We are thinking the below options. We are not big on swimming, so not being able to swim is completely ok with us.

  1. Zakynthos, Mykonos and few places in greece
  2. Sicily
  3. Puglia Area
  4. Portugal

What would you guys recommend based on your experience in October. Open to other places too.. Thank you!

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Define "warm". Day time between 50F and 65F?

Do you like blue skies and little rain? Dripping in culture day and night? Amazing endless architecture down every street and alley? Cheap by EU standards? Bring a sweater and come to Budapest / Vienna / Prague. Best time of the year in Central / Eastern Europe. And September has been a bit unseasonably warm, so it might be warmer than the October average. Too bad about not looking for swimming, cause the bath houses are great....

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Without checking weather stats (which you should certainly do), I'd expect things to be decent in most of those areas. I'd be most concerned about northern Portugal and the Ionian islands in Greece, which I believe could be somewhat cooler and overcast in October. You can take a quick look at the appropriate Wikipedia entries. There's usually a c,imate-summary chart that gives monthly averages. Those are a starting point, not the full picture.

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At this time every place in Europe is really warm with the right clothing. No fun, it's true.
I recommend to choose a destination in wow-culture Europe not based on temperatures but on your interests.
In most destinations second-hand warm clothes are available for a resonably cheap price
Warm sunny weather you can have in Florida or New Mexico.
You will make most of your time and money by following your curiosity for culture, history, food, music, .... just make a choice.