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2 weeks in europe

I along with my 2 friends are visiting europe for 2 weeks in march 2020
I am confused about the destination.
We are all in 25-27 age group so we would like enjoy more of night life and sightseeing the natural beauty . We are not interested in visiting mueseums or knowing the history .
We have roughly made our itninerary of
Paris -3 nights
Amsterdam 2 nights
Berlin -2 nights
Prague -2 nights
Vienna or budapest - 2 nights .
Can anyone suggest that these places are good enough to fulfill our expectations or ee should change the destinantions ??

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I am confused about the destination.

What is the 'confusion'?

enjoy more of night life and sightseeing the natural beauty .

"Natural beauty" is usually outside major cities. Your primary objective seems to be nightclubbing in big cities. Is this the 'confusion' you refer to, trying to do both in so many far flung places in such a short time?

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You'll find active nightlife in all those places. The problem is that you're going to be spending a large percentage of your time traveling between them, rather than enjoying them.

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Five days ago the OP posted that he/she would be going to Spain in March 2020 with friends and asked similar questions about the destination. So what has changed in 5 days OP?

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I understand all the places have great nightlife but what if i have to see some natural beauty
Can you recommend any itinerary other than this which includes 2-3 days to visit there

And the plan for spain changed because at that the beaches would be desserted to we fidnt opt for it

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Too many places.

Too much travel.

Also, if you want natural beauty then consider Switzerland, Norway or the Greek Islands.

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are you all coming from the same area (where?) or meeting up in Paris?

Do you have to get back to Paris to go home or are you flying out of Vienna?

Are you talking about early March or the end? Do you want to go to the Tulips?

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Great concept, three friends launching themselves into Europe, but now comes the details part.

This sounds like an itinerary from a tour company brochure for people punching their bucket lists. Places are just places unless there is something you want to do there - Go through guidebooks on each destination to decide what you want from it. Three friends may have three different sets of priorities and travel styles - so you should have a deeper discussion about what each of you wants.

1) March is springtime, which in northern or Alpine places can be cold and wet... Or it can be gorgeous... but you are traveling so much you may not get to see much of the countryside.

2) Everywhere has nightlife, it is just up to you (and the guidebooks) to find it. Two days in places doesn't give you much time for that.

3) Nightlife frequently is linked to wanting to sleep in the next day. Only two nights in a place means little time to sleep in, particularly since each of your possible destinations is half a day's travel away from the next.

You have lots of time to discuss what you really want, and how to get it.

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We can make changes in the places we visit kindly suggest where the countryside is beautiful and what all places to leave or add

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I would start in Amsterdam for three nights, take the Thalys train to Paris for 3-4 nights, fly to Geneva, Zurich, or Basel and do Switzerland (specifically Lauterbrunnen, here you have the beautiful Alps, hiking, BASE jumping, paragliding, Via Ferrata) for 3-4 nights, and take train from Zurich to either Munich (beer halls) or Innsbruck (more Alpine scenery/stuff) for 3 nights. Vienna is the total opposite end of Austria FYI and is a geographic outlier.

Alternately at the beginning or end of your trip you can fly to Iceland. It meets both of your requirement of being a party destination (Reykjavík has a huge bar scene) and also having amazing outdoor sites and hiking opportunities.

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If you have 11 nights, I wouldn't do more than three places - 4-4-3. I guess you could do 3-3-3-2, but that's a lot of traveling in a short time, especially since it may take the better part of a day to travel between some of these places.

You're looking for scenery and natural beauty, along with city nightlife. I don't think you can get both at the same time. But, you could do Big City- Country Break-Big City. As others have said, March can be tricky north of the Alps. I visited Prague in early/mid-March in 2010 and it snowed. So be prepared for that.

I absolutely love Lake Bled, but it might be hard to get to/pair with bigger cities. I think there's a bus or train from Venice, if you are interested in that city. It's a long train ride to Vienna from Lake Bled, but it might be worth it. An easier path would probably be Prague-Salzkammergut-Vienna, although, again, train from Prague to Salzburg is going to be 5-6 hours. But you could rent a car and find a house in the hills and explore or relax for a few days. I enjoyed the salt mines at Hallstatt, and I know others have liked the ice caves nearby. Another alternative could be Paris-Rhine or Mosel River-Berlin, or Munich. I'm afraid I have absolutely no idea about the nightlife in Nice or Marseille, but could one of those be paired with a Paris and Provence or Burgundy?

Truly, I am spit-balling here. I think the next step for you and your friends is to figure out what interests YOU. Pick three places, four MAX, and try to line them up so you're going in one general direction. Fly open-jaw. Have a wonderful trip. Once you've nailed down your destinations, I hope you come back to the forum if you need more concrete advice.

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The truth is that March is not a great time of year to focus on natural beauty if you head north of the Alps. Of course you could be lucky, but it can be cold and rainy then. The earliest I've ever landed in Europe was April 9. That was this year, and I did that only because I was starting the trip in Andalucía, which is usually the warmest, driest place in Europe--and truly miserable in the summer. I needed my packed-for-Scotland merino-wool long johns on two days in northern Andalucía. Again, that was in April rather than March. And there is a point at which it is so rainy you really can hardly see the scenery from inside a train or a bus.

For a March trip I'd be looking at cities. In southern Spain (and cross your fingers). Seville and Malaga are the largest, but Granada has a large number of students and should also be lively.

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When I was your age, I was more interested in partying than history.

If I were you and looking for two weeks of night life and natural beauty in March, 2020 Europe, I would focus on Paris and the French Riviera. From Paris, you could take a day trip to Reims and the champagne country. Take the train from Paris to Nice, or you could fly.

You could stay in Nice, and use that as a base for exploring the natural beauty of the Riviera.

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OK somehow I missed that you were going in March with that in mind, ignore what I said about Switzerland and Iceland, unless you want to go in the snow. If you are skiers that might work for Switzerland but not for Iceland.

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Major European capitols, including those you listed, do have grand parks and gardens, often surrounding castles or palaces. You don’t have to tour the castle, but roam the grounds outside, and enjoy lawns, hedges, manicured and trimmed shrubs, big trees, ponds and lakes, etc. Sure, some of it’s been designed and maintained by humans, but the outdoors and real plants bring some nature into the cities, without farther travel to the countryside.

While the March flowers probably won’t be in the full bloom you’d experience in May or June, you’ll experience plenty of beauty nonetheless.

In Vienna, rent bicycles and pedal along the Danube River, which isn’t blue, but is still a wonderful setting. Planning is part of the full travel experience - enjoy!

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I was in Nice this year in mid-March and it was seemed pretty dull, except for the 17th, when the Irish pubs were very crowded and lively, though most of the patrons were at least 10 years older than you and many were 20-40 years older. It might have helped that it was a Sunday night.

There are possibilities for day trips from Barcelona, like Montserrat.

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Any chance you can move the trip to May? I think you can meet your goals better then.

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You are trying to cover far too much ground. You may get lucky and find some reasonable weather, but the chances are that March will be cool and wet, so you are best to focus on cities. Two weeks (how many nights will you actually have in Europe?) is enough time to cover Paris (6 nights), Berlin (5 nights minimum) and Amsterdam (3 nights minimum). There are good transport links between these destinations, so you won’t waste too much time in transit.