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2 Weeks in Europe - 1 week to relax and 1 week to hike

My husband and I are planning a vacation from August 21st to September 4th exlcuding travel time. I was wondering if I could get any recommendations on what European (Eastern or Western) countries we could go to. We would ideally like to spend one week with nature and hiking and the other week relaxing. (The Eu countries we have been to - France, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, countrysides of Austria and Germany and we do not want to revisit these.) Any suggestions would be great.

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For the best of both, go to Wales. I've just about finished the Pembrokeshire Coast Trail (It's taken three trips since I can't slip the leash that often or long and my wife doesn't hike.) and it's been great.

Snodownia is also good, but I've been jinxed with weather there.

I've had no trouble getting folks to help me proposition a car for the end of the day since twenty-five miles is about the end of my interst.

I've also made a couple of stabs at the Offa's Dyke trail, but keep wandering off into villages -- it's easy, but not especially interesting.

When you're done with nature, any place except maybe Caridiff or Swansea is great to relax (but I like both.) The country has some of the best castles in the world -- any/all are worth half a day each.

You eliminated France, but there's a whole bunch of Frances. A good hiking area, which I really like but find it a bit hard to manage the end-of-day logistics, is the eastern end of the Pyrenees sort of south of Prades. A buddy champions the Pyrenees national park; I'll go there with him, but don't think of enough of it to go there solo. A good place to cool it for a while is either Perpignan (closer) or the perigord. Both are fairly devoid of other tourists.

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i am not interested in UK area. I was thinking more along maybe Norway or Slovenia for a week and then Greece for a week of r'n'r.