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2 weeks from London

I am heading to London with my husband we are in our 30's, we have 2 weeks to do some sight seeing. I would have already spent 1 week in London prior to my husband coming over from Perth Australia so we want to head out away from London. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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If you have 2 weeks in the UK, then you can see quite a bit. I would reccomend a day or so in Bath, a couple of days in York (and I would love to help you with that on the To The North board), Durham, Edinburgh, then back down to the Lake District, Brighton, South East, Windsor etc so you are back in London for your flight out. Give us some ideas of what you are interested in - walking, historic towns, museums, shopping etc, and we can help you more.
You're going to have a great time!

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Just easy touring, interesting places to see, I have heard Ireland is really good and I'm also not sure if we do the Rome, Paris trip. I dont'want to be in a rush everyday so I'd be happy to dedicate my trip to one area just not sure what area. We love music, pubs, having a good time, I love history & different cultures.

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Just returned from London and had a great stay! I was in London 32 years ago, and the city has changed greatly since then--it's now a truly international city and more dynamic than Paris.

We were there for five nights and could have used another day. A regret is that we did not have time to take a day trip outside London. However, this is what my family particularly enjoyed (in no particular order:

--A Sunday service at St. Paul's Cathedral.

--Westminister Abbey

--London Walks. The Jack the Ripper Walk done in daylight was just OK, but the Inns of Court walk was a delight.

--The Theater (of course). Hamlet with Jude Law is a tough ticket and is not worth standing for (standing-room tickets are available). Sister Act just opened in London, is a surprisingly easy ticket, and is a good show.

--Afternoon Tea. When it came to food, my family enjoyed afternoon tea the most. We went to the Orangerie in Kensington Gardens and Harrod's for tea, and preferred the Orangerie.

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What about a trip up to the highlands of Scotland? You could take the train to York and spend a day or two, then go to Edinburgh for a day or two. Then train to Aviemore in the Caringorm Mts. I'd suggest 2 or 3 days there, though if you like outdoors- 4 or 5. Then train to Inverness and spend 5 or more days. Lots of day trips- Orkney Islands, Isle of Skye, Great Glen, Glen Coe, Distilleries, gardens, etc. Then train to Glasgow or Sterling, then perhaps Stratford-Upon Avon then back to London.

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We just returned from such a 2 week trip. We had been to London (and Cambridge and Bath) years ago. This time, we spent about a week in London with a day trip to Oxford, and then rented a car for a week in southern England. We focused on castles, stately homes, gardens, and historic sites. We spent a great few days in Tunbridge Wells touring Kent and then a few days just outside Salisbury seeing Wiltshire, Stonehenge et al. Stayed at B&B's and had a great time. The rural areas are really charming with lots a small villages scattered about. Driving can be tedious as road are narrow and well travelled (you pull over and wait...a lot) and it takes a long time to traverse short distances, but it was great. The English are fantastic. Have a wonderful time.

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I love the Southeast of England: Royal Tunbridge Wells, Hever Castle, Leeds Castle, Rochester (Dickens), Rye, Battle, Canterbury, Dover, Hastings. All fairly close together plus connected by wonderful small villages.