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2 weeks from Frankfurt to bezirs France

I have a wedding to attend in bezirs France and need to be there July 10-17. Flying into Frankfurt bin June 26 and out of Frankfurt July 20. I’ve never been to Europe before and looking for good itinerary to travel between Frankfurt and bezirs. Thank you

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More info needed for a good response.

  • Please clarify your French destination. I don't see a Bezirs. There is a Beziers down toward the Spanish border (not close to Frankfurt). Is that the place you mean?

  • What sort of things interest you: art, history, architecture, scenery, food, wine?

You'll have about 2 weeks before the wedding-related activities and at best 2.5 days afterward. I'd highly recommend going somewhere not too far from Frankfurt for those last two days so there's no stress about getting to the Frankfurt airport on time.

Do you know yet what time things will finish up on July 17? Will you be free after breakfast or only much later in the day?

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Yes the wedding is Beziers in southern France
I like outdoor walk and hanging with the locals. Some castles and a museum or two

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I presume it is too late to avoid the doubling-back to Frankfurt. I like Germany and northern France fine, but your trip would make better use of your time if you (just for example) flew into Milan or Venice, and home from Madrid.

If you like the detailed proposed itinerary, above, you need to explore your personal reaction to the idea of spending a full week in Paris. That's what I recommend, but you may believe that you need to always be on the move instead. Although I was, brought up in a big city, I find that any time spent living with the locals (walking to a bar for stand-up breakfast in Paris, taking the Metro from the same station several days in a row, eating in a restaurant where no one is speaking English ... ) helps to give you a different feel for a "first trip to Europe" than an endless slog of hotel check-ins and lines for tourist sights. I've been to Paris many times, and still have plenty of things yet to do there - including train daytrips to nearby cities.

I suggest you go to your public library (if it is open) and look at some of our host (Rick Steves) printed country guides. Even if you choose the cities named in the itinerary above, it will give you more details and choices in each place.

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Check out Are you traveling solo? Is a car rental an option? Glad we are optimistic enough to have a travel planning thread!