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2 week January honeymoon


My fiance and I will be getting married on NYE 2016, and are planning a 2 week honeymoon to Europe immediately after. There are a few cities we hope not to miss out on, but we're not sure if it's feasible to hit all of them in 2 weeks, and if so, what the best travel route would be.

1) Cinque Terre
2) Zermatt
3) Amsterdam
4) London

Also, are the above places good to visit in January? We're also open to other suggestions. We generally enjoy sightseeing and doing touristy things, but try to avoid museums, unless they're a must-see attraction. We haven't thought about renting a car, but are definitely open to it if needed.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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Cinque Terre is not a really great place to visit in January. Since it is a coastal town much of the tourist things close down for the winter season and you will have a tough time finding lodging.

I cannot comment on Zermatt, but Amsterdam and London should be fine for January as long as you are aware that they may have cold, wet weather and shorter daylight hours.

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Zermatt will be good in January after the 8th, before that will be super high season. Skiers and boarders will be in town cutting up the slopes. Cinque Terre? Leave that for warm weather.

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Day 1. Fly overnight to Europe
Day 2. Arrive London (4nts)
Day 6. Fly to Geneva. Train to Zermatt (4nts)
Day 10. Train to Zurich. Fly to Amsterdam (4nts)
Day 14. Depart Amsterdam

Check easyjet for flights.
Change trains at Visp for Zermatt.

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I agree that January is not a good time to visit CT. Why not start in Rome? Magical city IMO and should be slightly warmer than London, more to see/do than CT.

My suggestion: Rome, Paris, London

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Assuming you have not been there, I would substitute Paris for CT. Also be prepared for short days. shows sunrise as 8:50 AM and sunset as 4:40 PM or 16:40 for Amsterdam in early January.

Congratulations to you and your Fiancé.
Have great wedding and honeymoon!