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2-Week Itinerary Suggestions

Hello! My husband and I are planning a trip to Europe this fall. We only have about 2 weeks but are very open to suggestions - and need them! There are just too many amazing places to visit and we're feeling overwhelmed.

Last fall we did Rome (4 nights), Positano (3 nights), Capri (2 nights), Cortona (4 nights), and Florence (2 nights), and it was amazing, although we feel like we could have stayed in Florence for a couple more days. Something similar would be amazing, in that we'd love a mix of city sizes (big, small, medium), and even topography. We're aiming to hit about 3 or 4 places, but would prefer not to move around much more than that. Our favourite travel experiences often come when we're in one spot for a little bit longer so we can soak in the vibe of the city.

Some places we've already been, and therefore aren't at the top of our list for this trip include London, Paris, the south of France, Portugal, and Italy. We are really open to travelling throughout Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, etc. and would also love to explore some other parts of France and even the UK.

We love history, museums, general sightseeing, and activities like walking, hiking, biking, but most of all we are major food lovers (I'm actually a chef myself), so the culinary aspect is massive for us.

We have a medium-sized budget...we aren't swimming in money, but definitely don't like to cheap out when it comes to travel.

I know this is a terribly vague request, but if anyone has any suggestions we would be incredibly appreciative!

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Two weeks is about the right amount of time for Belgium and the Netherlands, and in those two countries you could certainly find a good mix of smaller and larger cities and very small towns. You could also extend that into northern France or western Germany (Cologne or Hamburg).

You could also do Croatia and Slovenia in two weeks, although I think it deserve three so you can include some time in Bosnia.

I'd suggest looking at a map and figuring out some itineraries that appeal to you, then come back and post them for feedback.

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One of our favorite areas is Austria and Bavaria. Fly into Vienna and then go to Salzburg, Western Tirol and finish up and fly home in Munich. The beauty of the region is incredible.

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You have lots of great choices.

Regarding cost, Switzerland and Scandinavia are by far the most expensive countries to visit. Large cities are more expensive than smaller cities and towns. Portugal, Spain, Eastern Europe and Greece are cheaper than Northern Europe.

For saving money, use kayak to find hotels in your price range at the locations that you want. Bed and Breakfasts are good choices since one meal a day is provided.

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Northern Germany is underrated and in September the weather should be fine. Fly to Berlin and back from Amsterdam. After Berlin you can have a few days on the island of Rügen. Continue to Lübeck, one of my favourite German cities, and have it as a base for places around such as Wismar. The eastern part of the Netherlands doesn't see many foreign tourists, while it is a beautiful region. Zwolle is a good base for exploring the other historical cities along the river IJssel. Have Utrecht as your last accommodation: only 30 mins from Amsterdam and Schiphol airport.

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The best place I can think to send you is the three-country region ("Dreiländereck" in German) where the French Alsace, the German Black Forest, and the "Baselland" region of Switzerland (gateway to the Bernese Oberland) all meet up. Distances you would need to travel would be short, saving you both time and €'s.

"We love history, museums, general sightseeing, and activities like walking, hiking, biking, but most of all we are major food lovers (I'm actually a chef myself), so the culinary aspect is massive for us."

Basel is renowned for its museums, the Alsace and the Black Forest for their scenery, cuisines, and wines.

In the Black Forest:

Baiersbronn's Schwarzwaldstube at the Hotel Traube-Tonbach
Gutach im Schwarzwald is home to the Black Forest open-air museum, the Vogtsbauernhof
Gengenbach is a lovely old-world town.

Accommodations in the Black Forest villages tend to be very reasonably priced.

All Black Forest options:

Black Forest outdoor activities: