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2 Week Itinerary- Rome-Lisbon-Porto-Paris

Good Evening All:

Am I pushing it with this itinerary? I'm open to suggestions. I have only been to Paris out of these cities, and it's a must go to for me this trip. Open to other suggestions and cities/countries to plan around Paris.

Date Location
2-Jun Depart NYC at night
3-Jun Arrive in Rome
4-Jun Rome
5-Jun Rome
6-Jun Rome
7-Jun Depart Rome/Travel to Lisbon
8-Jun Lisbon
9-Jun Lisbon
10-Jun Depart Lisbon/Travel to Porto
11-Jun Porto
12-Jun Porto
13-Jun Depart Porto/Travel to Paris
14-Jun Paris
15-Jun Paris
16-Jun Paris
17-Jun Depart Paris in Evening

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It'!l work if you're flying from place to p!ace.
We usually travel in a straight line to cities closer together--cities that compliment each other.

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Thanks for your reply. Yes, the only train/or bus I was planning on was Lisbon-Porto.

Do you think another set of cities would be more "complimentary" to Paris?

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Rome-Venice-Amsterdam- Paris

Roughly half the mileage to cover

Or adapt the Italy itinerary you proposed n an earlier post to let you get to Paris for however long you want there.