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2 Week Germany/Austria trip ideas.

Right now we have a solid idea for a 2 week trip to Italy (Rome/Venice/Dolomites)

My other idea is Germany and a few days possibly in Austria if I could. I know that Germany has the coast, plus the large history aspect, and the mountains as well... plus if I could see Austria for a few days I would because it’s amazing!

This trip would probably be the spring/fall months and wondered what y’all thought about ‘this vs that’ and what a 2 week itinerary would look like for Germany or Germany/Austria.


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Jon!, If a friend asked me for a quick answer, I'd say: fly into Frankfurt, stay/visit the middle Rhine Valley, head SE to Munich & and south Bavaria: on to Salzburg, and end in Vienna (or back to Munich) to fly home. Nothing particularly creative or innovative about that itinerary, just satisfying if you've never been to Germany. Or, if you don't mind throwing Switzerland into the mix, take a look at the RS tour itinerary as a guide. More thought would depend on whether you wanted to focus on cities and city sights, or scenery and mountains. The RSE guidebooks are pretty good about helping pique your interests, although not much there on the north and east of Germany.

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I'd stay near the Danube - fly into Vienna - then train to Salzburg, Regensburg, Nuremburg, then fly home from Munich. You wouldn't even need a car. From Munich, you can do day trips with Radius tours to Regensburg and Dachau Concentration Camp You could even do Prague and Budapest if you wanted before or after Vienna. We didn't care for Frankfurt at all.

Or you could do the Rhine area and do Lucern Switzerland, Strasbourg France, Colmar.

We LOVE Germany and go over every other year for the Xmas Markets.

But ITALY is our most favorite. - esp Venice, Florence, Rome, Sorrento.

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We adore Austria! Salzburg, Innsbruck, and Vienna (in that order) are our favorites. We haven't yet been able to visit Hallstatt- but it is on our list. Salzburg actually makes a great base. You can do day trips to visit the Salt mines (FUN!!!), Hitler's Eagles' Nest (still on our to do list), and many other places. Innsbruck can even be done by train- but it is a rush.

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I know that Germany has the coast, plus the large history aspect, and
the mountains

The others have given some good ideas. But I'm wondering about your mention of the German coast ( in the far north of Germany). What or where would you want to visit up there? Not that it is without its charms, I suppose, but it usually isn't an area on a first time visitor's must see list.

Have a look through the Explore Europe subforums on Germany and Austria to see what places appeal to you and could fit into your 2 week limit. As an example, here is Ricks suggested itinerary for Germany. Personally, I find it too rushed and would add extra days. Salzburg and Vienna are easy add ons after Munich.

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If you decide to go to Germany (DE) and Austria (AT) you can fly non-stop into Munuich from Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and D.C. (check Skyscanner). You can make Bavaria your home and rent a car. I would buy RSEs guidebooks on both DE and AT to help narrow down what to see in both countries.

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I agree with Stan’s idea. We love Germany and Austria. We’ve been once in September, once in June. In September, there were harvest festivals everywhere. We like to rent a car, and driving is easy there - stay to the right, don’t forget to buy the vignette for Austria. I would fly into Frankfurt. Stay a few days (3 nights) along the Rhine - Boppard is a good base. See Burg Eltz, take the train to Bacharach, then the boat back to Boppard.

Drive to Rothenburg ob der Tauber for 2 nights. Wake up early (Before 7 am) and explore the magical town. Take the Night watchman’’s tour. Walk the walls.

Drive to Salzburg - my favorite city. So much in this area: castles, salt mines, sommer rodelbahns, Eagle’s Nest, Hallstat. The scenery just south of Salzburg (Werfen area) is stunning. 4-5 nights.

Drive to Munich for 3 nights. You could take the long (but soooo scenic) way through Innsbruck and Mittenwald. Fly home from Munich.

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I know that Germany has the coast

I too wonder what about the northern coast of Germany is attractive to you, especially in spring/fall months. What are you hoping for there? There must be something or you wouldn't have said it first on your list. Just a hint - there is a reason why all the photos include the wind-break shelters on all the chairs. Scenic, yes, but cold and windy.

It seems clear that this would be your first trip to Germany, is it your first trip to Europe or is your Rome/Venice/Dolomites a repeat trip to Italy?

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I just wanted to possibly incorporate the ocean/coast into my trip but if it’s cold and windy maybe it’s time better spent elsewhere lol.

Yes, It would be my first trip to EU altogether. The Italy trip was our first idea this is our second. Just trying to get our ducks in a row and check out any recommendations/experiences of others.

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I love Berlin. So, it's hard for me to imagine an introductory trip to Germany without a stop in Berlin. My 2-week recommendation would be something like:

Berlin for history and for modern big city Germany

South for a smaller German city experience like Erfurt (popular with German tourists, not so much with US tourists; lots of half-timbered houses; lots of nearby day trips [Weimar, Eisenach/Wartburg Castle, Leipzig] OR Nuremberg [history, fortress, daytrips to Bamberg and/or medieval Regensburg)

South again for Alps: I like Berchtesgaden (for lodging, I actually like Ramsau bei Berchtesgaden). From there, you have easy access to Salzburg for a day trip into Austria

Finish at Munich or at Vienna, whichever is of more interest to you.