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2 week Europe trip mid-June 2017


My husband and I got $500 RT trips to Munich this summer and are trying to plan out our trip! We did our honeymoon in Europe last year and went to Amsterdam-Berlin-Copenhagen-Stockholm-Bergen-Reykjavik and had the time of our lives. We absolutely loved Copenhagen and would like that to be our first stop on our trip this summer, but would love input from other travelers. Our tentative itinerary includes flying into Munich and going straight to Copenhagen for a few days, then flying to Prague for 4 days, Dubrovnik for 4 days and ending up in Munich for the final 4 days. Even though we loved Copenhagen- should we explore somewhere else for he first few days?? Would appreciate any travel thoughts!

Thank you.

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Some friends of mine just loved visiting the islands off of Croatia. Boating and great swimming would be wonderful in the Summer.

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We lived in Germany for four years and I lived in the Middle East for five years. Also, we have traveled many times to Europe since I retired in 2010.

I love all the places that you desire to visit. My Wife and I were married near Copenhagen. We went back there in 2014 for two cruises and spend five days there. The people are great and there are interesting things to see, especially going to the Viking Museum outside of the city.

Also, Dubrovnik was great, but we pretty much did the city in one day. I am not sure why you are spending four days there. Are there other places outside of the city to see?

Prague is a great city, but again it doesn't take four days to see the city.

From my personal point of view, is to see as much of the World as I can. I have been to 70 countries and still have about another 15 more that I want to see. Yes, I have been back to some of my favorite places, but my focus is on seeing the World.

These cities are great, but still not my favorite places, even in Europe. I suggest broadening your scope of travel as well as trying to concentrate your visits to places not so far apart. Constantly traveling between cities reduces the opportunity to enjoy where you visit and flying takes up a lot of time. Munich has a lot to see (consider the Romantic Road in Germany) as well as nearby Salzburg and Vienna, Austria and Garmisch and Fussen, Germany. You can easily connect with Prague and even Berlin or Nuremberg. If you like Croatia a lot, Split and Trogir north of Dubrovnik are worth a visit.

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flying into Munich
flying straight to Copenhagen for a few days flying to Prague for 4 days
flying to Dubrovnik for 4 days
flying to Munich for the final 4 days
flying home

... that's 6 flights in 2 weeks. U sure ?

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My reaction was about the same as David's, but I note that your honeymoon also hopped around a lot. I guess you know that it works OK for you. But the thing is, traveling like this does waste a lot of time on transfers between distant cities, and it sort of dooms you keep doing the same on future trips, because you are skipping over a lot of worthy destinations that you'll want to visit eventually.