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2 week europe itenerary

Here is my tenative itenerary for my two week trip, what do you think?
London 5/24-5/26
take the chunnel to Paris a.m on the 27th
Paris 5/27-5/28
overnight train to venice on 5/28-5/29
Venice 5/29
train to rome a.m 5/30
Rome 5/30-6/1
fly to Barcelona late afternoon on 6/1
Barcelona 6/1-6/4
train to Madrid am on 6/4
Madrid 6/4-6/6
Fly back to US at noon on 6/6

I have a list of sites to see in each place, but I thought that would be excessive for the post. Does this look do-able and like a good amount of time in each place?
Any advice is appreciated.
thank you.

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I think you'll really regret it if you follow this plan. You don't have any time planned to actually spend seeing these places. For example, the trip from Venice to Rome takes nearly 4 hours. This doesn't count the time it takes you to get to the station if you're staying in Venice and not on the mainland. Then you'll have to get from the station in Rome to drop off your bags. Rome, at best, will be part of an afternoon and a morning. The advice to concentrate on 2 countries is good and will allow you to actually see the country you're visiting.

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You'll have time to see almost nothing except airports and train stations. With the possible exception of Barcelona, you've given yourself no time to explore any of these cities. Why are you squeezing in so much?

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This may be the only time I get to Europe for the forseeable future so I want to see everything I want to see. I have actually already cut a lot of things out of my trip.

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I agree with Matt. You are cutting so much of your valuable time short by spending it all in planes/trains.

If I were you - I would cut Spain entirely and possibly even London and concentrate only on France & Italy.

You will get so much more out of your trip if you slow down and concentrate on fewer places. You won't regret it. It seems like a huge sacrifice - but once you complete your trip, I promise you will be glad you did.

I strongly recommend you try to tackle only 2 countries. Spain/France. England/France. France/Italy etc etc.

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Keep cutting. You've left yourself almost no time for anything. With all these transits, you'll be exhausted by the time you get to Venice, having seen not much more than the insides of trains and metro stations.

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Everyone is different; if you just want to be able to say you've been in those places and spent an hour or two at major sites, you can do it. However you DID ask for advice. I'm with the others; a big percentage of your time is going to be spent getting to/from or taking transportation. However given your earlier reply it sounds like you're determined to do this, so I wish you the best!

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Like Rick says, "Assume you will return". I know how you feel - it's the same way I felt on my first trip. I assumed I would never get to do it again. Lo and behold, I have been back two more times! Everyone's advice about sticking to two countries is spot on.

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Believe me, I sympathize. But you'll regret this plan. It's all trains and airports.

Planning a good trip is hard! But worth it. Good luck!

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You won't have time for your list of sites to see in each place. You'll barely have time to get there.

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Not to gang up Chantielle, but yeah too much. I'd agree on dropping Spain (or conversely dropping Italy.

Re Venice to Italy: FYI there is a nice night train, the "791 Marco Polo" between the two. We found it to be nice, comfortable, and a good way to see Venice in a short time. The train doesn't leave til 11PM, so you can see Venice in all its evening glory.

If you do stick with this itinerary, I would think about a flight from Paris to Venice. That's a looooong train ride to take if you haven't had a day to recover from travel and jet lag yet (aka a day with nothing to do).

Hope that helps!

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I have to agree with the others in that your proposed Itinerary is far too "busy" for the time you have available. While it may be feasible to structure your trip like this, the timing is so tight that if one part doesn't work according to plan, it will affect the other parts.

If I read your post correctly you have 12 days for travel. I'm assuming you'll actually be leaving the U.S. on May 23? Keep in mind that you'll lose the first day in flight times and the last day will be spent on the flight home.

Given the very short time frame, I'd also suggest dropping Spain from this trip, as it's somewhat geographically distant from your other stops. That will require not only money but also precious travel time.

My suggestion would be to focus on London, Paris, Venice and Rome, perhaps adding a day or so in Florence. Extend the time a bit in each city to allow more leisurely and enjoyable touring in each place (although two days is probably good for Venice).

You asked if this Itinerary was "do-able and like a good amount of time", so I've tried to provide you with an honest opinion.

Good luck!