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2 Passengers on OBB Nightjet (Munich - Florence)

Hello fellow travelers,
My husband and I are making an online reservation through OBB for an overnight train from Munich to Florence. The website only prompts for 1 passenger's name to be entered in order to complete the reservation for 2 passengers. Is this normal? Or do both passengers names need to be listed on our reservation?

Any advice is appreciated!

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Generally, they only need the name of the person buying the ticket as the lead traveler. It varies by train operators. France wants to know everybody's name, Germany doesn't care. No experience with Austria.

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In years past OEBB has not allowed online printing of foreign travel tickets nor am I sure that you can pick up OEBB tickets in Munich. You may have to pay the 5 euros to mail the tickets to you.

Normally it's best to buy tickets that begin or end in Germany on even when the travel is on another national rail system. Note that tickets will go on sale first on a couple months before they go on sale at, and also note that they have a different bucket of cheap fares so if is out of the cheapest tickets, wait till the day they go on sale at to access another bucket of cheap tickets.